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  1. Sub 12 mate few steps and just dropped
  2. Cheers mate fx is a nice gun not sure if I like the bullpup type tho
  3. Managed to get a bit off permission again after a few years off airgun hunting nice small wood about 2 to 3 acres in size. The land owner wants us to thin the squirrels out as they've been chewing his phone lines managed 2 today not a massive bag but a start
  4. View Advert Fx impact .22 Bit off an impulse buy lovely accurate rifle in 22 professionally ceracoated green custom grip comes with 1 magazine bipod and hard case scope not included. May take part x with cash my way for the right gun Advertiser shreko Date 28/05/19 Price £1,100.00 Category Airguns
  5. Used to love that forum still got my old original hunter catty from when fish was starting out
  6. I'll let you know mate would like to get rid altogether mate sorry
  7. I took the fenman as a part x on my rapid was told it is a late model this is .20 with 2 gun bags sand bag gun straps and the one with the snapped stock is a scirocco.22 I'd take 450 the lot or swap for 3 quality daiwa pit reels forgot to say the scope is a Simmons whitetail classic 1.5x5x20 philapine model nice scope
  8. These are for sale mate packing in shooting to concentrate on carp fishing
  9. Ive got a mk2 177 i prefer it over the 100 both good guns but i wont be getting rid of my rapid
  11. I know its not in your list but my old mans just bought a prosprort picked it up and had a go down the range and didnt want to give it back cracking rifle
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