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    Clays, SCUBA, Rugby, Cricket, people watching, La Difference!
  1. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Right handed and left eye dominant

    I'm the same - right-handed and left-eye-dom. Here's perhapd the best explanation I've yet read on the topic: Eye Dominance Explained In Detail
  2. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Kelbrook Meet-up 24th Nov

    Team of six of us getting there for midday tomorrow, Saturday 24th Nov of anyone else fancies a meet up?
  3. Lock Stock & Barrel

    clay shoots near/in Grimsby.

    Sorry I'm a bit late coming to this, but there's a selction here: LINK
  4. Lock Stock & Barrel

    cleveland clubs and lessons

    There's Marne Clay Shooting Club, and also Cleveland Gun Club Hope that helps
  5. Lock Stock & Barrel

    What is the best 12 gauge 28 gram Cartridge.

    The Fiocchi 'Top One' is one I use as a standard clay shell, decently priced too - here's a review: http://www.gunmart.net/accessories_review/fiocchi_top_one_-_budget_clay_shotgun_cartridges/
  6. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hi Folks

    Thanks Furittus. Starting with English Sporting and DTL - want to do Helice (ZZ) in the not too distant future.
  7. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hi Folks

    I'm enjoying them, but it does seem a bit light on regular input in the clays section - more focussed in game shooting here - fair?
  8. Lock Stock & Barrel

    clays shoots west yorkshire

    Thanks for the updateTrenchfoot - info taken from Sporting Shooter - clearly not up to date.
  9. Lock Stock & Barrel

    clays shoots west yorkshire

    There are a few in the West Yorks area - you're in Leeds, right? Here's a few suugestions: Batley & District Gun Club, near Morley. Sporting. TEL: 01484 711 874 Emley Clayshoot 50 - Sporting every 2nd Sunday. Tuition avaialble if required. TEL: 01924 277 965 Greystone Wood Shooting Ground - near Otley. Sporting. Mobile: 07960 352 123 Holmfirth Shooting School - near Huddersfield. Skeet, DTL, ABT. TEL: 01484 685 464 Yorkgate Gun Club - (behind The Royalty Inn, Yorkgate, Otley Chevin, LS21 3DG). English Sporting & DTL. Sunday mornings, all year, Tuesday evenings during the summer. Saturday afternoons during winter. Call Bob Agar on TEL: 01943 467558, or Mobile: 07831 170 697 www.yorkgategunclub.co.uk Hope that helps
  10. Lock Stock & Barrel

    firearms officers home visit questions

    There's also a raft of info on the BASC website in terms of guidance and the law. Hope this helps: http://www.basc.org.uk/en/departments/firearms/guidance-and-fact-sheets.cfm
  11. Like to try and gauge (no pun inteded) your thoughts on the use of either (or both) fibre and plastic shells? Pros and cons of each? Thanks in advance.
  12. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hi Folks

    Oops, yeah, should have done that earlier. Just getting round to doing clays here in the UK - although been shooting all manner of weapons in the US, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere for many years. So a newbie to UK shooting to all intents and purposes (although did used to shoot sidearms before the ban). My wife and I have just been awarded our SGCs and are beginning with clays - can't see us doing any game shooting, as she's an animal lover and wouldn't dream of killing them. Will mainly be shooting in Lancashrie & Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland - with side trips to Italy to visit the Baretta factory and shoot there. So looking forard to exchanging on shotguns, cartidges, techniques and other banter.
  13. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hi Folks

    Cheers One
  14. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hi Folks

    Thanks for the welcome guys
  15. Lock Stock & Barrel

    Hearing protection

    I have a pair of Peltor SportTac electronic ear defenders. I like 'em, but then again, others swear by the £7 pair they got at B&Q