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  1. Hi I am looking for a few pairs of Irish Fancy Canaries and Gold Finches after the moult would appreciate any help im in west yorkshire
  2. whats the price were are you located and are they road legal
  3. zabala 32inch double trigger non ejector full and 3/4 choke sorry no photos some shells available
  4. for sale side by side 10g shot gun good condition £200 west yorkshire
  5. I am using a Howa 1500 with NV (ATN Trident Pro 6X) Been looking to buy a trident pluse my self would you recommend them
  6. can recomend strong stuffs gear rang him last monday sent money recieved collars wednesday excelant well happy with collars
  7. no pics but can take some at weekend and email no spare cocks pairs and trios
  8. Unrelated pairs of Ko Shamo for sale 07 and 08 birds From £30 pair west yorkshire
  9. for sale 18 month old fox red lab bitch of working stock but no papers £250 pm for details
  10. dont't use them i ordered 10 fenn traps didn't arrive e mailed them told them urgent gave me delivery date still did,nt arirve promised another date did,nt arrive e mailed again was told they had stopped doing fenn traps if i had been told in first place might not have lost nice little contract
  11. started my lad with a .410 didn't do much for his confidance so bought him a 20 bore cut stock down first day out three shots 2 pheasent hasn't looked back now using 12 bore un like me he dont miss much get him a 20
  12. shot my first rabbit with a 410 when i was 6 years old now 43 and still have one in the cabinet used often when foxing and checking traps
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