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  1. Some would say mini.....however......my standards weigh between 40-45 pounds and I like them that way. I keep mine lean and in shape, not round and chubby.
  2. I use my Bull Terriers as catch dogs on hogs. I keep mine in shape though. No complaints here. Not many folks here in the states use them for hunting.
  3. We use a few as catch dogs when we hog hunt. The ones we have have never let us down.
  4. Hello all. May be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here has done/owned a Greyhound or Stag x Catahoula? If so, I'd love to see pics. I have a 3 week old pup right now off of my Catahoula bred to our slick coated Stag that is going to be a hog dog hopefully. I was just speculating how he might turn out to look when he's mature. Thanks.
  5. All of those '"Dogos" (or bulldogs or whatever they were) In the first video should have been given an immediate dirt nap. Tucking tail and running from the hog, to then go to the gate to beg to be let out? Disgusting. Now that Patterdale, he was somethin' else.
  6. Got ya. Yeah she is stocky and shorter. He is built almost comparable to a mini bulldog, buy he still has the nice thick bone for as leggy as he is. This build is actually better over here where we have so much swamp/marsh land that they have to maneuver. I really enjoy hunting behind these dogs. They're pretty amazing, and versatile.
  7. Thanks everyone. Now that I've got to hunt behind my husband's pair, I am very much looking forward to having one of my own. Great little dogs they are.
  8. Of course without running bloodwork to check his phenobarb levels I couldn't say for sure, but it sounds like he had a seizure and could be epileptic. We have an older Catahoula hog dog here, that ONLY has episodes when she's out working. Never happens while sitting up in her pen. "Stress" induced we believe. By stress I mean elevated blood pressure as when working..... If it's not reoccurring, and/or you don't plan on working him anymore, meds wouldn't be nessecary, but if you did plan on continuing to work him, he would need to be on daily oral meds. Over here we use Phenobarbitol dosed
  9. @jawn: What (if any) is the most consistant size/weight in your dogs that you keep/breed? My husband has two, and his female is the same size as his lead Patterdale, but his male is in the thirty pound range EASY. Never seen one this big.....
  10. My ol' man just brought this guy home this weekend to add to his pack. I know these guys vary in size but he is BIG, he's in the 30 lb range easy, his little female Jagd is about half his size. Been through training and he's a finished blood trail dog, and he's been on small game as well as hogs. I don't know his exact lines but I'm told he was imported. We will be using him on hogs. We're letting him adjust to the new environment and we'll be taking him out soon. Looking forward to hunting behind him. I sure admire these little dogs.
  11. Very sorry for your loss. Glad they went out doing what they loved. Your EBT looks great by the way.
  12. Is PLL a frequent occurance in Jagds? I've never heard of it occurring in Jagds until now. I know in EBT's it is, specifically in the Minis for some reason. I have a older rescue Mini EBT here and I had to have both of his eyes removed due to PLL. Such a shame.
  13. Thank you! Yes, if he takes to catching like I have a good feeling he will.....he will take the spot of my lead CD. I will try and get pics for sure. A bit difficult at times for us because my husband and I tend to run alone most often, and we always have our hands full with dogs or a hog. This season I am going to put extra effort in getting a few photos though for sure. is the ebt blood in the states outcrossed with other types of bull blood like pit etc mybe that's why you lot get them working easier? Not that I am aware of. Both of my males, as well as my husband's mini bitch are
  14. I do not have a Facebook account. People look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them I don't. I understand that Facebook can indeed be a networking tool, but, most (not all) get so carried away with posting every aspect of their personal lives on it it's nauseating. I've seen countless people get in trouble with the law due to Facebook and what they're posting up on it, as well as people who posted SO MUCH detail about their every friggin move, that they're yard of dogs was poisoned while they were out one day. Hell they couldn't have made it any easier considering! I have had some good dog folk
  15. Thank you! Yes, if he takes to catching like I have a good feeling he will.....he will take the spot of my lead CD. I will try and get pics for sure. A bit difficult at times for us because my husband and I tend to run alone most often, and we always have our hands full with dogs or a hog. This season I am going to put extra effort in getting a few photos though for sure.
  16. http://californiacatchers.com/index.asp?ID=22 have a look that site mate I have looked them over before. Nice hunting pack they have. I run bulls, terriers, and long dogs as well. Never thought of running them all together though, but I am not opposed to the idea.
  17. Yeah when I first saw him, his ears being down looked strange to me, but as soon as I saw him in person....I actually LIKE it. Simply aesthetics of course, but it does look neat. About the 'yotes....When my Stags become of age, I plan to run them on coyote. Maybe I could bring him along every now and then to join in. That would be quite interesting! I bet he'd love it.
  18. He will be used on hogs. Maybe the occasional coon, or whatever we happen upon, but hogs are our year round focus.
  19. Thank you all for the kind words! I'm quite fond of him myself. He shows some real good characteristics. I am waiting on his paperwork so that I can trace back his lineage. I would like to know what line of dogs is producing EBT's with his build/size. He looks huge next to my other EBT. Not huge as in over done, but proportionately large. I'll try and get a weight on him soon.
  20. We have one Jagd here, a bitch. We run hogs with her. She is actually fine with other dogs, and has a pretty stable temperament. No complaints on her.
  21. Been a while since I've posted anything. Been reading mostly. I've recently added another English Bull Terrier to my pack. Getting him settled in. He's about 16mths old. He makes my other EBT look tiny. This one has got some leg under him, and is built like a brick. His ears don't stand, which actually looks kinda neat. Very drivey. Brought him back to my hog pen and he went crazy trying to get to the hogs. I'll be giving him the opportunity within the next couple weeks to catch, and I will see how he does. If he does well, I will use him often. Here he is trying on some new gear I got in last
  22. These two just made 10 mths old. Doing very well. Sire was a Stag, Dam was a Grey. Both proven versatile hunters that reside in TX. Female, Rough coated, 29" at the shoulder Male, Slick coated, 30" at the shoulder Really enjoying working with these guys. Looking forward to starting their hunting careers.
  23. That's such a wonderful thing to see! VERY happy for you guys!
  24. You mean a comparison of the EBT to the APBT? Well,for what we use them for, I like both. BUT, the APBT's tend to have more stamina whereas the EBT's tend to get winded a bit faster. All depends on what you're using them on. We use ours on wild hogs. Weather and terrain is very rough here though. I keep my EBT leaner than you typically see. He has just as much drive as the APBT's, just not as much leg and stamina. Great for shorter distances. Just as much heart. That'd be my opinion having worked with both for quite some time.
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