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  1. Really good post looking forward to reading more about these dogs atb hillbilly
  2. Struggling to get pics up from phone will sort it later when I get home
  3. Had a trip out this morning with the lads just a few pics all game shot and retrieved
  4. when have you ever roughed it??? When The Mrs Is Working Late & I Have To Cook My Own T . . Well When I Say Cook I Really Mean "Heat Up" What She'd Made Earlier lucky she leaves you something I've seen you try and cook its not good you couldn't cook a egg
  5. when have you ever roughed it???
  6. I had a pair of the tf gear high boots not the hardcore one though and to be honest they were sh1te said they were waterproof but they defo were not cheaply made I wouldn't have another pair anyway mine are sad by the front door never get used
  7. good luck with the pup mate should be a handy little dog for you atb hillbilly
  8. give mike a ring he is a absolute top fella you won't be dissapointed with a pup of him atb hillbilly
  9. Don't think that was a dig at you mate but a lot of people when they sell puppies say they have mikes lines in them but watered down imo he is saying go directly to mike cause you know what your getting
  10. There is a lot of lads on here with mb whippets and they are all doing the job and doing it well if you go to mike for a pup you won't be disappointed
  11. haha fair enough mate can't argue with that one
  12. he was a lunatic really enjoyed his books and the film was awesome
  13. Yeah that pup he has will be a cracking little rabbiting dog mb's rip over a 1st x collie grey will make a handy pot filler
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