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  1. Hi mate, I don't know if It's too far for you, but i have a BedyxWhip/Grey - WhipxGrey bitch pup for sale. She is 10 weeks now. Both parents are working, dam is 24 1/2 and sir is 24. I'm from Swansea
  2. Westcountry game faire shepton mallet. End of march
  3. My dads old dog. He was from a 30+ year line breading. But basicaly he was a derrhoundxgrey collyxgrey back to a grey. Brilliant day night and any quarry
  4. I have a 1x brilliant little allrounder. Bushes and marks 100% in the day. Then a top dog on the lamp, as mute as any dog can come. But is head strong in when it comes to retreving i will say that. All dogs have their faults its just nowing and excepting them. Id tale this cross over anything with a touch of bull in it errr. Dhxghxcolliexgh is my fav cross tho
  5. never really thought of it befor. but have you ever noticed when you have an allrounder dog on rabbits that works night and day. that even tho you can put your house on him marking rabbits aground in the day and when he runs them in, you have to drag him away from the earth with all your might. but he knows th diffrence in the night that when he misses 1 on the lamp and that lamp gose out hes straight back to your toes. i now thats 1 thing that makes a good rabbit dog but never took much thought in it till lastnight. thats all really
  6. dhXgh Xcolliexgh back to a gh. but the same lines were bread for 20/30 years like that so they were their breed really if you get what i mean
  7. just ask nigga the digger when u see him next about clyd. tool and a half
  8. a freind of mine bred his whippet bith with my half cross a couple years back. never had reports back to how they worked. but what iv seen of them they look like well boned/strong whipets
  9. id love to get my hands on a proper courseing greyhound. absuletly stunning dogs. and a good bench mark to get the right breeding going. never see many about these days tho. every1 seems to just use crosses or track greyhounds/origins unkown around my way. i know this is not intierly related to this thread but thought id say anyhow
  10. you can see the Pat in that one lol wouldn't surprise me if you had to dig to it one day i wouldnt like to see whats in that hole hes around 17"/18" tts. but yer he just looks like a pat
  11. Nice dog fella, like the size and shape, strong head. well ballanced aint he. good little nose on him too

  13. its what ever you'd rather you's really. me and my dad now would rather a cross for bushing as to a terrier because they're that much bigger and harder for them to slip to ground at every possible chance. this is our busher due to start this year. beagle x harrier father back to a paterdale bitch
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