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  1. Great stuff si, nice one mate
  2. Great job lads, must be heaving there.
  3. Yep nice to see your back shooting pal
  4. Lucky twat, how good is that, nice one pal
  5. Great job mate, nice dog
  6. Hopefully next time you go back therl be plenty about
  7. You still got out and got some and a bit of work for your dog, a lot better than not going out at all mate nice one
  8. Nice one mate, looks like a good one
  9. No mate got her from york
  10. Nice pups them mate, I got my cocker pup a few weeks ago, she gets second inoculation today, cant wait to start taking her out, she is a quick learner and in the 20 days since weve had her she is letting us know when she wants to go to toilet by going to the door, doesnt make a single noise at night and is a really calm pup, i recon she will be a great working dog for me, she is bred from good working gundogs
  11. Good going especially in the wind
  12. Great result that and some cracking shots, nice one mac, si.
  13. Very nice looking dog that mate
  14. Well worth setting up mate, nice one
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