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  1. yea but that was the well trained doctors and nurses not god what do you think he ? did this man up in the sky
  2. not into pics yet but its curved nearly new where are you just out of interest atb dave
  3. he moved many years ago i used to be a member of wells wildfowlers i met a chap called gary whitaker he used to live at brancaster staith in the house that is now the office he was a welk fisherman we used to go out with him but i lost touch he had n moved into the village i found the where he moved to and when i was in the area i would knock on his door but he was never there i just wonderd if you knew him and could tell me if he was still about thanks dodgy dave
  4. hi i have been a member for some time but i have had to renew i come from cambs near wisbech im interested in wildfowling and pigeon shooting
  5. hi ive been a member for some time but have had to renew i come from wisbech in cambs interesred in wildfowling and pigeon shooting
  6. ive got one you can have for £12 i live in wisbech any good
  7. how much would it cost to repair/service locator box
  8. where did you send the tenner
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