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  1. Lancashire Hunter


    I agree they are very realistic the big downside is they dont last in wet weather. Flock coating falls apart. I use them with a mate of mine but if it starts raining or decoying on a splash we have to use the fuds and silosocks. So as realistic as they are they are not practical.
  2. Lancashire Hunter

    Fud Pinkfooted Goose Decoys

    Wouldnt bother with the foamies personlay. There no use in the wet as it lifts the flock coating of them and end up ruinned. If your wonting light wieght other then fuds which are ok i would go down the silosock route bit more expensive to get a decent size group but they work. I mainly shoot pinks and i use a mixture of fuds and silososocks.I have found when the wind picks up they add a bit of movement to your pattern. One thing i did with my fuds though which i think really helped was using some white emulsion painted the arse end. I use dependant on size of the field and the birds behavior anything from 17-35 decoys and there all silos and fudds. As for foamies unless you only go out when its dry dont bother
  3. Lancashire Hunter

    Fuds And Sillosocks.

    Great day les and ian dogs zapped now on her bed asleep. Gutted i couldnt find my other mallard though. Great bunch of guys and was a honour and privalidge to meet and shoot with you both thank you and look forward to the next time.
  4. Lancashire Hunter

    feeding and setting up a new flight pond

    What would i be best doing if i have ponds but no ducks using them i.e non visible when i have been there. There are some large lakes with in 2 miles with hundreds of duck on. I have only ever seen two duck on there that was over 3-years ago and havent seen them since two ponds are in a wood and one is open in a field. I have permission to feed and release birds on there. So would i be best putting a few call birds on to attract others or just feed the ponds up and hope for the best? Im at a loss as i dont think any duck are using the land and dont want to waste my time feeding up for sonething that will never be there. Best advice please. Thanks guys
  5. Ok a bit far for him thanks anyway.
  6. Were are you my dad is looking for a pcp set up and this is ideal for him
  7. Lancashire Hunter

    Tuning Help

    Were abouts in the north west are you?
  8. Lancashire Hunter

    Home Tune Begins ( Air Arms Twangers)

    Great stuff pal.
  9. Lancashire Hunter

    Home Tune Begins ( Air Arms Twangers)

    Nice one pal. So those spring guide kits work well then? Has it reduced the twang ect?
  10. Lancashire Hunter

    Hw80 Custom Stock

    Hi all can anyone advise reccomend or put me in touch with some one who can make a stock for my hw . The stock i have is great but im looking to tart it up a bit and get a higher cheek piece. Any reccomendations or web sites you can give would be great cheers guys.
  11. Lancashire Hunter

    Air Arms Twang

    If you have the money go welsh willy the kit im on about of ebay is 20quid but thats only guide top hat and washers made to fit standard spring. I have a welsh willy kit in my crosman tr77 and that transformed the rifle. But i have a sfs kit (sandwell field sports kit) in my hw80k and thats really good but i will be ordering a welsh willy for the just to do a comparison. But a welsh willy kit will get rid of the twang and reduce recoil.
  12. Lancashire Hunter

    Air Arms Twang

    You can also get aftermarket spring guide top hat and power washers off ebay for both tx and pro sport that give a better fit then the origanal parts. Also could possably have a broken springs in them
  13. Lancashire Hunter

    Air Arms Twang

    Few things it could be. No top hat Spring could have a gap i.e play between the spring and spring guide. Or a gap between the back of the spring guide and front of the trigger block.
  14. Lancashire Hunter

    Hw 80 Scope (Whats Best)

    I put a nikko 3-9×50 mountmaster on my 80k works for me
  15. Lancashire Hunter

    Piston Sleeves ?

    Yeah i piston sleeve will help also a new spring guide and top hat as the standard ones have a bit of play in them between the spring and top hat and spring guide plus i think the standard top hats are metal aswell it does effect them. But to start with the piston sleece you can make one out of either a coke bottle or if your careful you could use a beer can cut top and bottom then cut one side down the middle wrap around the spring and push it in i reccomend a plastic bottle though.