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  1. jeffinmarske

    Leaving A Ferret

    Collars.. i was going to by a collar, especially after my hob decided to stay underground for what i thought was too long, but when he re-appeared a long way down the hedge, i realised the warrens run long distances along the hawthorn hedges, with some holes well hidden by undergrowth..when i got talking to the other lads who have permission on the land, they wont use collars, for 2 reasons, one being the chance of being snagged on the root systems, (maybe negated by a tight collar?) and, if hob did go to ground, it would be virtually impossible in some places to dig them out, due to roots etc i did close up as many of the far away holes as i could, to encourage the hob to come back my way, he emerged eventually, but i was bricking it for a while! Also, feeding, some guys feed them before setting out, to prevent them killing and laying up, some feed only a small meal, so they dont fall asleep. any thoughts on that one? Do they hunt better in pairs, as some guys put them down singly, some put 2 down, any thoughts? Im just getting back into ferreting after 30 years, (with my son, before he gets bed sores from watching TV) it never seemed so complicated back then! Mind you, rabbits seem more evasive these days! Happy hunting!
  2. Hi, sensible older type with hi power air rifle and willing ferret seeks respectful land access- hopefully near to Teesside/Middlesbrough/Stokesley. # appreciate lots of rural crime issues at moment, and disrespectful trespassers, so willing to liaise with local force re; any suspicious activities etc. also can offer occassional labouring help with hard working teenage son, with no criminal issues.. which i can provide referees for if required. - so any land access appreciated, even if only for target practice at moment, but wiling to shoot vermin etc. also willing to join other/s who need company etc.
  3. jeffinmarske

    Here's What I've Got To Go Up Against...

    Seems to be a common problem, im in East Cleveland, and have knocked on many doors, and left notes with full details of my full time job, references, and full contact details including address, but ive found most farmers seem very dismissive, i suppose they get some suspicious types mooching- the strange thing is, many farms near me are getting hammered for crime, so would have thought a well referenced trusting pair of eyes about might be welcome..nope. I think ive used the Weirhauch 3 times this year, just in the garden to check the sights, so it doesnt really seem worth keeping it, its becoming an ornament! I will drive past the fields of crops being pecked out, and the rabbits scurrying through the hedgerows, and hope the local farmer/s might relent so the ferret and the HW might get a few trips out. Free food? Only if you can get at it!
  4. jeffinmarske

    Hunting Articles Wanted

    might be worth covering the recent air rifle licensing issues in Scotland as no doubt it will be soon heading our way
  5. jeffinmarske

    Hello from North Yorkshire

    hi , im marske, near saltburn... Weirhauch HW95 Weirhauch 45 Freddy the ferret!....couple of pigeon decoys and purse nets somewhere..
  6. jeffinmarske

    He's there... somewhere

    whilst im a small game/pest fan, when a fox falls, i get the craving to get a FAC, satisfaction guaranteed. ( think id be too tempted to shoot them rummaging in the bins though!!)
  7. jeffinmarske

    Opinions on a couple of 4x4s

    never had an Isuzu, but know few who have and seem ok, as workhorse etc, shoguns are usually overpriced, and parts too..ive had few landies, but lots of variants- but parts are cheap and lots of different comfort levels- they can be luxury or tin box- ive driven both- go for mid range maybe a disco- the old series are v cold in winter- i have even had a nissan terrano, ( which is a clone of ford maverick 2.7td, which drives fine, and has goood clearance the LWB has good load space, if u get ford parts they are cheap to run- dont go via nissan its wallet busting..iv enever drove a suzuki, but know some guys offroad the small ones, the grand vitara are usually looked on as a poor mans 4x4...(not on price mind) 1x hob HW45 HW95
  8. Permission wanted Teesside/N.Yorks area, to use air rifle/ferrets on land, by serving police officer wishing to educate son in outdoor pursuits-drop me a reply and i will get in touch. I live in Marske By Sea, so any nearby or not too far appreciated, possible partner up etc.
  9. Can't upload photos, 'file too big'- is that normal?

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      you got a photobucket account ?


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      you need to resize them

  10. jeffinmarske

    Foxing - What a Beauty

    After my beautiful Ferret was killed by a fox, that story and pictures makes me feel bit better....dont hesitate to keep posting such great pics.
  11. jeffinmarske

    Ferreting Yesterday... READ!!

    Without catching the 'cruelty' merchants- country loving folk will be persecuted even more, as the idiots get more publicity- If you are on land, and it could be thought as 'suspicious' theres nowt wrong with telling the local law about where you are- they mite still come out- but at least they will have a hint you mite be law abiding, instead of pre-judging because of some 'do-gooder'. Call local police line, give location and ask for an incident or event number, to give to any cops who arrive- it will show you called in at least. I know several cops who are shooters, and support country pursuits, our FLO is an avid fan of shooting, giving loads of great advice to GENUINE shooters, so dont let the actions of a few spoil it for all, if we judge things that way, we are acting just like the parents watching the rugby match in the post above- by Salopian. Not all forces get it right, not all hunters do either. its human to make errors...sure there is a quote somewhere about that....
  12. Fox killed my Ferret..anger doesnt sum it up.

    1. rob190364


      you're joking! did it rip the hutch open or did it happen when out ferreting? gutted!

  13. Im genuine reliable, and can provide references, no criminal record, and hoping to shoot pest, rabbit/pigeon etc..willing to travel around Redcar area- Tees/N.Yorks, also have ferret for warrens. So, if you are seeking a common sense person to help out or maybe buddy up, then drop me a reply.
  14. jeffinmarske

    Food From the Fields, Not the Aisles.

    great article- however even living close too many farms (Cleveland/N.yorks) the shoot opportunities are limited, despite approaching several sites all have said similar, they already have a queue of willing shooters- when you mention an air rifle , most dismiss you almost straight away. id love to have a go at squirrel / rabbit and pigeon, but at present im seriously thinking of selling the Weihrauch to someone who can put it to use, i totally support the idea of real food provided properly, but opportunities are becoming limited, in my own experience.
  15. Hi, im seeking permission near to Redcar, ( N. Yorks/Cleveland farm/fields etc) I would be willing to join up with another to control rabbit/pigeon , pests etc..i am a professional working guy, so would be available evenings/weekends mainly, or if have holidays from work etc. I have a ferret from working stock at the yorkshire show, who hasnt worked yet, but is feisty and up for it, also a Weihrauch 95 - So if you are a landowner seeking a sensible(references can be provided) knowledgeable, honest, ( can prove no criminal convictions) or someone seeking a buddy to help out then drop me a line. Best regards Jeff