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  1. MickMiller

    Barrel length (rifle)

    When I had my CZ Hornet shortened by this UK Gunsmith I gained an extra 150fps. We surmised that the powder must have burnt before the bullet left the barrel, so those last few inches were actually dragging on the bullet and slowing it down. The chrono was a Magnetospeed, which has been checked against a LabRadar so no doubting the figures. I'm not sure why CZ released their hornet with a 20" barrel (Weihrauch certainly haven't), but it made handing inside a vehicle very difficult.
  2. MickMiller

    Powder funnel

    I make custom funnels for all sorts of calibers. All printed from PET, never had a problem with static at all. Ask the hundreds of happy people on FacePlant.
  3. James OBrien is covering the GL issue on LBC. It would be worth someone calling in as the station gets nationwide coverage 0345 60 60 973, one of the more popular shows to put the case forward. No ranting, be across the facts, maybe mention the unholy alliances between NE, RSPB and WJ? I would but I'm in client meetings till 1pm at least.
  4. MickMiller

    Reinstate pigeon and crow shooting Petition

    Pointless, a better idea would be a petition to remove licencing decisions from Natural England and put them into the hands of a directly accountable, neutral government body.
  5. As per title, I'm after a 20g hushpower over and under. No single barrels or pumps thank you. Cheers, Mick.
  6. Used these once (actually only in the garden), bipod sticks are not my thing at all, so thus, they are like new, all the tags etc. Retail at £120 plus delivery (when you can find them otherwise import from Germany). Poles by world famous Leki these are built to last a lifetime and not to be confused with cheaper copies. These are, quite simply, the best quality shooting sticks available, so save over £40 on a new pair (although these are just like new). £90 including Royal Mail Parcel Farce 48 hrs http://www.huntingso...ing-sticks-5098
  7. MickMiller

    Full Decoy Set Up

    If only you could post or where closer! (I'm in Herts)
  8. MickMiller

    Ase Northstar Moderator M14X1

    Okay, please don't be put off by my single post, I've lurked here for a while but am to be more frequently found over on PW.
  9. Reluctant sale, it's a cracking, compact mod. I had this on my x-bolt in 243. But it will suit anything up to .25-06 calibre. It's barely had 150 or so rounds through it. Reason for sale? Simple, I get too much reflection from my IR lamp when using a digi add on. About the NS-3S The NorthStar NS-3S is a high-performance, lightweight, stainless steel suppressor designed for centre-fire rifles up to 7.62 mm calibre. The suppressor combines Ase Utra's S-series baffle system with a primary expansion chamber sleeved over the barrel. The suppressor is an all stainless steel, welded unit rated for professional use on bolt-action, semi-automatic and select-fire weapons. The NS-3S suppressor adds only 630 grams weight and 100 mm net length to a typical rifle, and with an outside diameter of just 47.5 mm, the suppressor is slim enough to be used with low-mounted telescopic sights. The NorthStar NS-3S suppressor reduces sound emissions by 24 to 28 dB (depending on calibre and ammunition type), significantly reduces recoil and eliminates muzzle flash. The result is a weapon firing full power ammunition, with a muzzle signature similar to that of an unsuppressed .22 rimfire rifle. All rifles up to 308 Win tested with the NS-3S suppressor comply with the latest personal noise exposure limit set by European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa or 137 dB©). Calibres .25 cal: up to 25-06 Rem Weight 630g (22 oz) Net Length 100mm (4”) Mounting on barrel thread Sound Suppression (ref. US MIL-STD-1474D) 24 to 28 dB© Total Flash Elimination Overall Length x Diameter 197 x 47.5mm (73/4” x 17/8”) Maintenance Interval (optional, cleaning only) 5,000 rds Warranty 2 years / 10,000 rds Stainless For UK sale only Retails at around £250 - I'm selling this one for £175, it's mint, it's boxed with all the instructions, it's a bargain. RFD (your end) at your cost, I'll cover costs this end. Alternatively, I can lodge this with an RFD in Howden (between Hull & Leeds) and it could be collected from there if necessary. No fee for collection. It goes without saying, you need a slot on your ticket for this!