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  1. Hello I'm trying to get in touch with Tommy peppercorn or George drake but the number I've got for them is out of use, had a look at the pinned post but not in there either, cheers
  2. As above got given some today just wondering if anyone else uses them and do they do the job cheers
  3. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gLDYtH1RH-U Just watched this though I'd share it, made my stomach turn just watching it
  4. both guns come with decent gun slips
  5. my guns are not getting the use they should so decided to sell them, first off is my Winchester sx3, 12g with 30" barrel, looking for £575 with standard chokes or £700 with 3 extendes and ported teauge chokes witch come in a box, 2nd is my hushpower fully moderate .410 looking for £225 and last is my gun cabnet it's a 6gun infac safe with top locker looking for £175, obviously I can't sell that until my guns are sold, both guns come with a selection of catrages, there's over £1600 worth of equipment here if you brought it all brand new so grab a bargain im in Peterborough
  6. what do ya call cheap? I've got a 2004 lwb terrano will sell for £1600
  7. mates reeces bitch I think she's out of stan I'll ask him tomorrow when I see him, runs everything that's at the end of the beam and catches most of it
  8. they can't even get it right for the following day most of the time......
  9. Can't see the point in it my self, I work with a juice head and he's enough to put anybody off the idea of taking them, short tempered little twat that sweats excessively with vanes that sit just under the skin and stick out, not to mention the f***ing great big spots he's constantly picking all over his back&chest, that's with out even thinking about what's happening to his heart etc, makes me sick
  10. we did alot of fishing while smoking alot of weed, can't remember much else for some reason!
  11. some more of my mate's lucas x missile
  12. poxy phone that's ment to say "hello I've had a couple of pm's about my new pup so thought I'd do a thread on her"
  13. hello I've had a couple of pm's about my new pup so thought ig doba thread on her. I've name her "ZIN" she's dave platts 7th generation deer/grey, will be 13weeks on Friday and already standing over 18"tts I know how much ya all like photos so I've uploaded plenty they are her from 7weeks old up to today, the saluki x in some of the photos is my mates lucas x missile pup she's a week or two younger than zin, the other dog is my bitch "blue" she's beddy/whipp x collie/grey stands at a tuch under 23"tts
  14. looks like a good excuse to tell the mrs you need another dog to keep her company
  15. hello the line on my lure machine is frayed and could do with replacing, the only stuff I can find is this stuff http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=350704423703 will it be any good or can you recommend anything better cheers
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