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  1. 19 hours ago, stop.end said:

    He's ran none... He's the biggest one dimensional shit talker on this forum and that's saying something.. run against him in a comp... The mouthy cxnt can't even get a day out with them never mind matching them...lol he's offered loads on here for a day out and they won't even go...I said before he must wear a colostomy bag because he couldn't hold his pish...

    That’s the spirit 😉

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  2. On 23/02/2022 at 22:56, chartpolski said:

    9 1/2 months now, seems to have levelled out at 28" and 65lb.

    Puppy fat is turning into muscle and she's shaping up well.

    Had a couple of runs on the lamp, has the speed but needs the experience and the brains.

    Took a decent one last night, long slip, turned it a few times, pushed it out of the rough, another turn or two and took it when it went back into cover.



    Very pleased with her progress, not pushing her, she should be ready for next season, hopefully!


    28in for a bitch is big did you hear how big the dogs turned out

  3. 5 hours ago, Franks dad said:



    Not that anyones probably remotely interested lol,but I had the DNA test done on my boy  and the results are back , he should achieve a height of around 24” tts and a weight of between 50-80 lbs and has a special gene which causes  extra muscle mass and bulk to the back 


    I wonder how accurate that really is🤔

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