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  1. 11 minutes ago, levigsp said:

    I have put pics up before of foxes etc but refuse to promote that man by showing photos.


    11 minutes ago, levigsp said:

    I have put pics up before of foxes etc but refuse to promote that man by showing photos.

    You do know he’s dead 🫣

  2. On 01/11/2022 at 17:38, ADAM C said:

    I'm thinking of getting my Beddy dog of 4yrs castrated as in title, just wondering if at all it will calm him down, when out he works cover but far too fast and moves on running hundreds of yards in front.If he's on a scent his recall is virtually zero as many a time im stood 10-15mins waiting for him to appear, im sure one day he will be on the missing dogs list for sure, wondered if any lads have had this at all with any of their dogs?



    Why not stick him a kennel with a greyhound that’s in season and ready to stand, that’ll knock the pea right out his whistle 

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  3. On 22/10/2022 at 21:58, Wideboy said:

    If it’s for arthritic pain and that’s what it’s intended for, then you can give paracetamol @ 10mg per 1kg. As per my vet, a very good vet that you can bring your dogs to get treated no matter what has happened to them. 

    Is paracetamol and the other over the counter drugs not poisonous to dogs.

  4. On 25/09/2022 at 12:48, Lenmcharristar said:

    And lefties, they always vote left

    They’ll move to centre to get in power then move to the far left and break up Britain, first Dublin will rule Northern Ireland then they’ll finish what they started Scotland, labour hate Britain.

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  5. On 20/12/2019 at 22:47, billhardy said:

    Listen silly boy yes boy I was around then so you go get fe ked I was arou d whe. The first litter of alsatuo. Were bred on hancocks yRd the

    Is how it panned out a business proposition by a very shrewsd teacher call dB plummer that got the collies, s greys of the mark so boy go thi k see before Phil lohds time on the YRD FECK YOU BOY HA GA GA  ATB BILL 

    Nobody just nobody speaks like this 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  6. On 28/08/2022 at 18:46, morton said:

    chasing a few 7 ounce rodents is no fecking test of a terrier,a pup under 6 months of age perhaps,most beddy owners work adults as a pup and they never work above what the average pup can ascertain.the vast majority of beddy breeders and owners are puppy workers and peddlars of overpriced dross.ill gift a decent bred pup to an owner that is willing to get the mutt out and see beyond a fecking kc turd.07887674657

    That’s a nice offer Morton 👍

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