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  1. im looking for a working stock young pup to bring on, asap, if anyone has a terrier pup or a young terrier please pm me thanks, FT
  2. yes i can push it to £400 but im in s wales mate,
  3. i relise its not alot, but i can push it to £350 for a cheap car, atb FT
  4. cheap as chips car wanted, with m o t and a good runner, 250 or under,... i dont mind travelling withing a certain distance, engine size 1.4 or under , cash waiting, please pm me, thanks
  5. can i ask, how do you manage to get soooo many perms ? are you a game keeper or a pest controller ? FT
  6. :thumbs: could not have put it better my self Walshie Dont know who told you to shoot out to 100yrds with an air rifle but he or she needs there heads looking at atvbjimmy :thumbs: with the scopes i have the instructions say to have a target at 100 metres ! thats why in a couple of my posts i say i would need a pair of binoculars on the end on my scopes , anyway im not that stupid, i put them at 40 metres away! but thanks for everyone who gave theyr advice . atvb FT
  7. but iv taken all of the advice into account and will get the approppiate scope for the rifle that i have Thanks , ill let you know how i get on ! ATB FT
  8. i agree, i would never want to wound a animal, iv got my scope zeroed in at 40 metres, but my original question was, what is the next scope above, and whats peoples views about sights ect ect, ATB FT
  9. CHRIST I ONLY WANTED A BETTER SCOPE, i know the scope i have wont kill at 100 yards but the scope instuctions i had that came with it told me to do that. i knew it was complete shxte anyway im just wanting a better scope than the one that i currently have, does anyone have one ? if not can you please keep a look out for me please, THANKS atb FT
  10. i just want to buy a better scope for the rifle that i have, hitting at target / rabbit at about 60 yards , head shot. thats all, what scope will give me that ? cheers. thanks in advance FT
  11. yes thats right a hw90, with a 3x9-56 scopes iv managed 40 metres and i think thats pretty good! i was just looking for a used better sights to go on my hw90, , but thanks atb foxtails
  12. hi guys, what is the next step up with better vision scope ect other than the 3x9-56 ? try hitting a 50p from 100 yards with a 3x9-56, good luck, ( otherwise i need speacail glasses) lol , somone give me a better scope at a used price site please , ATB foxtails
  13. why doesnt anyone mention the .22 WEIHRAUCH HW90 GAS AIR RAM ? its a decent air gun as far as iv seen, iv quite a few air guns in my time, mybe nowhere near as much as these guys giving you advice, but i was just wondering WHY ? its a very good all round powerfull gun ! atb FT
  14. can anyone remember the old man using the old knocker box catching rabits in the 70,s ? on the hedge row, it was on here for years but i can not seem to find it, can anyone help please? thanks in advance atb FT
  15. im looking to swap bulldog spade for a cheap camera phone which also has the micro sim next to the sim cad itself ! thanks foxtails !
  16. good on you mate, glad you had a decent experince ect,, net went to the right guy, hope you use and catch plenty of bunnies atb FT
  17. an hw90 is a good decent air rifle, but its heavy, so id not go with this, thats the only imput i can say atb FT
  18. if possible id love to detect on there with you? how far from s east wales are you ? FT
  19. iv got a garret euro ace with a tornado 13" coil, the coil itself cost half as much as the metal detector lol, anyway iv been detecting for about 2 years now, iv found about 40 silver coins, mostly 6 pences, and 3 pences, half crowns, i found a roman axe, a roman top part of a ring, and 2 gold cufflinks, but havent found no hammered coins, Yet only 1 roman, but still am optimistic though, theres still plenty out there to be found, thousands of years of activity, / battles/ect ect , just have to do a bit of research before going out, although its very frustrating when the farme
  20. With a metal detector? lol IMPOSSIBLE lol
  21. im looking to buy a wirhach hw90 silencer, push on adaptor, iv put up 2 threads already, but still i can not find what im looking for, iv had an hw80 slide on adaptor to a silencer sent to me,but it didnt fit, i need an hw90 slip on adaptor, if anyone knows where i can get one please let me know, thanks v much, ATB FT thanks
  22. how many people metal detect ? aswel as hunting/shooting ect ? has anyone found anything decent, and what detectors do you recomend ? ATB FT
  23. iv got a pheasant that needs cooking, im no good at cooking, so iv watched a few you tube videos, even a gordon ramsey video, it says to wrap the pheasant in bacon,- as theres no fat on a pheasant, then you can fill it or not fill it, stuffin, or apples and another fruit- i cant remember which, but before cooking with the bacon over it, it says to season it, black pepper, salt, leaves of some sort, oil, bacon ovcourse, then cook, ATB FT
  24. You do love that space bar tails lol, plenty of space between me and the prey ..FT
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