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  1. Yee true wouldn’t mind seeing this myself tbh
  2. Hey guys am pretty new to the gun scene I bought a s410 carbine about a year ago it’s been well looked after and I myself believe I also look after it right although I had it out the other night in slight rain forgot to clean it off straight away put it in the bag about 4/5 hours after putting it away decided to clean it off and noticed the barrel had gathered a lot of rust some of it is a lot worse like small lumps once cleaned off it looks ok but I would still like to get it sorted thanks guys
  3. Alright guys just bought my first proper rifle air arms s410 carbine only using it for rats and rabbit and the odd feather would love your help and advice on pellets and servicing and cleaning general talk and tips would be very greatly Appreciated
  4. Alright guys after some help I have never owned my own gun always lend others mainly used a Bsa ultra but not sure on what gun to get so was asking for all your advice wouldn't be using this gun a lot so don't want anything to pricey but just something to take bunnies and rats thanks guys and something not to cheap but not to dear cheers
  5. Haha thanks mate I have bought a few things but didn't take all the dirt and wet into consideration thanks for the heads up pal! Tbh am struggling finding away to get it attached to the ferret lol
  6. I have a full Laguna whippet if interested mate
  7. I haven't used this for a while so it sure how to repost pictures but if you go on YouTube and Serch Liverpool rats click the channel with the staff on and That's him
  8. Tbh guys I was looking to add a camera to my ferret not like what these are doing I know it's been done but was seeing if anyone had any cameras to show
  9. Hi guys sorry am struggling to find a bitch to throw my male Laguna whippet over need a pup from him before it's to late if anyone's interested pm me please he's all black and just hit 6 still working like he was 2/3 brilliant dog day and night taking all quarry of anyone is interested I can get pictures/videos thanks
  10. This may have been talked about before haven't been on here for a long time so was just wondering does anyone know or use a ferret camera while working a warren just ordered some camera to try and adapt them and see how I get on thanks guys
  11. I have 2 jills 2year old and last years mother and daughter both work little bit nippy now and again trough my own fault of not handling them enough haven't got the time for them anymore so want them gone to a good home thanks
  12. Would that not make them dead if they had bumped into a other ferret lol??
  13. Thanks for the advice lol ile take it all on board
  14. He's already booked in the vets for Friday let you guys know what gets said cheers
  15. Yes mate he's on double now the other 3 dogs are fine just him can't seem to find or figure why!!
  16. Due to other work commitments I have only been out a hand full of times this season but how are people getting on with bolters I have noticed this year alone I have had to dig every single rabbit haven't had a single Bolter my warrens arnt open fields there bramble banks and brick pits and just genral rubbish for a good run for the dogs thanks guys
  17. I do this kind of work and using a ferret wouldn't work were ever the rat could go the ferret can you could end up losing the ferret and never catching the rat use a trap or posion
  18. He's not just on dry food he gets all kind of bits mince chicken fish tripe rabbit tuna always has something mixed every day just can't seem to keep the weight on him at all
  19. He's out working most days and is very active out for 2/3 hours a day most days ratting if not every day
  20. Alright guys my whippet has reached 7 years of age now he has been On James well beloved since a puppy but now he can't seem to keep the weight on at all he is all up to date with worming and jabs but what do you guys feed your dogs cheers
  21. f**k that we ain't stopping next video will be more action packed be sure of that mate!!
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