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  1. RIP Craigyboy terrible news
  2. Are you not the same person who i ignored a while back when you asked if you could pm me to throw " a few names " at me .........like im going to have a " do you know " session with a teenager Was interested to ask you a few people I know as you seemed a knowledgeable bloke in the field they are in and wanted to know about present stuff but seems your a bellend
  3. I read the post too scot so I can upload as well... At last
  4. My sides are still hurting from this clip...
  5. That's 2 so far, maybe they're getting revenge on THL police haters
  6. Does anyone else get the feeling he's going to be hailed as a 'hero' in nick? Serious question I know in the USA he probably would but not so sure over here...
  7. Why did he grab me? Because he could get away with it?
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