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  1. Smashing litter... If I had need for one these would be the best I've seen for a long time!!
  2. Quality litter... Rock, rook , ruin by the look of him
  3. Be good to see these pups tom terrier... You keep some nice Bullx about you!!
  4. Audi rs6 avant.... The nuts!!!
  5. Smashing pup there twelsh
  6. Credit where credits due taz....cracking level litter, well reared mate!!!
  7. Wilf I'm only a young lad with a lot to learn.... increasing population + out control benefit system = more tax for the working man to pay who Evers in government surely until they get control of the above?????
  8. Immigration and the benefits systems brought out by the lefty government is what's wrong with this country... What makes anyone think there intitilled to housing,feeding,schooling,health care,childcare without paying in beggars belief????? But to blame been on benefits is down to immigration is bollocks!!! If you want work you'll find it or go create it!!!
  9. Smoke screens and mirrors all of this !!!! How many more people would get off there arses and go to work if benefits were actually cut to less than minimum wage???? No body should be better off sat on there arse whilst someone has the self respect to go to work, wether it's £7.30 or whatever they get!!!
  10. Well I should be at work.... I've a empire to run lol one man band!!! Lol.... How ever it's me who pays the bills, not the government or Europe or who ever... We all have tax to pay that's shit too... It's called life!!! Not a excuse to think f**k it... I'm staying at home, getting stoned drinking Stella , watching Jeremy Kyle...cos I'm not working for £7:30... Pay your own bills, bring your own kids up, and teach them self respect whilst your on...simples!!!
  11. Get your drift wilf on those figures.... But in real terms minimum wage is near £300 a week and benefits are nearer £500.... Where's the sense in that...
  12. Just through a spanner in the works..... Agree with every thing I've read so far..... This has all be going since before I was born...40 years ago, and it's the governments that allows it...and still does... We will house, feed you, pay you to stay at home.... Immigration and bone idle b*****ds are what's wrong here....The benefit system boils my piss.... Stop immigration now and cut all benefits to minimum wage level... And see how many people get off there arses and plan the amount of children there going to have more sensibly.... It's not rocket science... You reap what you sow... You don't
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