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  1. worthy130

    Hogdens H380 Powder

    Hogdens H380 powder for sale I have 1 full unopened tub and 1 with a good shake in it, £35 CW8 Cheshire
  2. worthy130

    Being Paid For Pest Control

    If you were getting paid to do it, wouldn't you need to declare it for tax and have business insurance, I'm think BASC and the like only insure if doing it as a hobbie.
  3. Bryn Melyn shoot in the Dovey valley still have availability for driven shooting over steep Welsh valleys. Boundary day dates are now being put together for 6-8 guns mainly Fridays 50 birds £1300. Driven shooting up to 200 birds at £32 inc vat and full hospitality. https://www.(!64.56:886/brynmelyn
  4. worthy130

    To Soon To Apply For Different Gun ?

    The FEO told him he could shoot a close range fox BUT WOULD NOT condition the ticket for it! why?
  5. worthy130

    To Soon To Apply For Different Gun ?

    If your rifle isn't conditioned for fox and you shot one you can kiss goodbye to your rifles and ticket!
  6. worthy130

    Goose Advice

    The general advise is to go down 2 sizes for steel so for 6 shot you want 4 steel etc
  7. worthy130

    Goose Advice

    If you are in England then you will need steel shot! try a 12 Bore with 36gr 3's steel shot
  8. worthy130

    Goose Advice

  9. worthy130

    Working Terrier Wanted

    Well I have had more offers to 'come and sort out my problem' than I can shake a stick at! thank you all for you offers but I think I have sorted out a couple of terriers now
  10. I am fed up of my terrier men letting me down so yet again I am looking for 1 or even 2 working terriers, I have plenty of work for them on my Game shoot. Willing to travel for the right dog/dogs. Cash waiting.
  11. worthy130

    Mid Wales Syndicates

    We are now looking for members for 2 new syndicates on our recently re-established shoot for the 2014/2015 season. The 2 syndicates will consist of a 10x100 and a 10x150 bird days. Pheasant, Partridge, Woodcock and Duck. Good, strong, testing, high-flying birds from mixed coverts and woods as well as cover crops. Breakfast, elevenses and late lunch provided. Half guns welcome. https://www.(!64.56:886/brynmelyn
  12. worthy130

    Looking For Terrier Man

    All sorted now thanks for all your replys.
  13. worthy130

    Looking For Terrier Man

    Who says I don't know a guy with terriers? maybe I am looking for someone who can actually make a commitment to come out! the guy I know has too much land to hunt so he is hard to get to come out..............