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  1. That's what I thought about the mentoring. I have fac air, .22lr and also a slot for hmr but with the amount of foxes I need to sort a.223 would be better for me instead of the hmr. So I applied and got it, but with mentoring condition. With advice from basc I sent a letter requesting then remove the condition. I was basically told no chance. They said use an hmr. They had my ticket since the 15 july and I got no .22 ammo left so I agreed. She then said she would remove the .223 slot, I said no leave it for a while. She said ok but if you want it we would like it filled within 12 months.when I get my ticket back I will stock up with ammo and see what else I can do about the mentoring condition.
  2. Its the way they do it in devon&cornwall, I need a mentor with open ticket to basically sign me off as capable. I ve been involved with shooting for several years (25) always air rifle and out with friends with there shot guns and .22s. Only just got my ticket 6months ago because I shoot alone now and have done for last 5 yrs or so. basc said that's experience so ask for it to be removed they said a good back stop is a good back be it for a 17hmr or 223. I will use the rimfire for fox at moment because I need my ticket back got no ammo left. I will try to find a friend who knows someone who knows someone to mentor me.
  3. Looks nice maktayla. I noticed from your previous post that you got the 22.250 without a mentoring condition , which force are you with? I juat been given my .223 slot but with a mentoring condition. This will be difficult to do so contacted basc for advice . Wrote a letter to devonandcornwall police but they refused to move it . They say I can use my rimfire on fox and they will condition it , they refused to do that originally that's why I went for .223. No wonder I got a headache.
  4. I have a slot for hmr on my ticket was going to get one for the fox and longer range rabbits,but my 22 does rabbit to 100yards. After research and advice i decided to use the money for the hmr on a .223 instead. didnt want to spend the money on a hmr and end up saving for a .223 9months further down the line and have the hmr gathering dust.
  5. I've got at the moment a mtc mamba 4x16x50 on my 22 rimfire and a mtc viper 4x16x50 to go on my .223 when buy it (hopefully weekend). I shoot on x10 mag.I used these on my airrifles. Starting to wander do I need all that scope on my rim and center fires. These are quite heavy and long with illuminated reticle and side wheels and 50mm lens and 30mm tube. I have been looking at the nikon prostaft 3x9x40 with bdc reticle , its 2.5 inches shorter and nearly half the weight of my viper. Would the prostaft be suitable on the .223 for upto 250 yards on fox. Mostly shoot early morning s and evenings. Or would I be better off keeping hold of the mtc with 30mm tubes and 50mm lens.
  6. Well after a week to the day my variation as come through the post . Pretty good going i think (devon&cornwall ) It has a condition for a mentor but after speaking to basc iam looking into getting that removed (fingers crossed). Now which .223 to get payday on the 25th
  7. Same here dan I love my .22 cz american it just feels so right. But there are cheaper guns out there. I suspose I could go second hand but I wouldn't be confident I would find a good one. Any key thing to look for when buying a second hand center fire ?. Are the barrels long lasting on a .223 ?
  8. Is there much difference in the accuracy between the popular rifles in .223.? I mean in the hunting world not targets. For eg I've been looking at rifles I like the look of cz 527 american....cz kelvar......tikka t3 lite.....remington sps 700 and a browning A bolt. Prices vary by over 400 quid from top to bottom. Do they all have the potential to it the spot on fox at 200 yards.
  9. Thank-you all for the advice,ive sent in a variation for a.223 today. Now what ammo, i understand the need to try different brands but for mostly fox at a max of 200 yards with possible long range rabbit what tip and what weight,light heavy hollow piont etc etc. also any reccomendations for a good moderator not stupid money.
  10. 1/4" at 100 yards.....nice. what should I expect with factory ammo say at 100 and 200 yards in perfect conditions. I know all rounds are effected by wind but how much say over 150 yards with 10mph side wind , is it a big improvement on the hmr.
  11. Thanks for the advice. A .222 or .223 it is then. I didn't want to fill the slot for hmr if its not the best tool for my needs . I can't afford to have a gun sat in the safe doing nothing, so I will put in for a center fire instead. Is the damage to meat much different between the .223 and .222 ?
  12. I have a slot for .17hmr,but not conviced i should get one. Originally i wanted it for long range rabbit and a bit of fox, but my .22cz does a good job out to 100 yards on the rabbits and 90% of my rabbits are at 75 yards max. Also the bit of fox as now turned into a bit more fox they are causing a few probs for some of my permissions, also my force wont condition hmr for fox. So if i went for centerfire instead of hmr which caliber should i choose? i need it to be accurate cheap to run and still leave me some rabbit to eat should i shoot some. I was thinking .223 is this round ok for the odd rabbit or will it turn them inside out also is it cheap to run and is it much better in the wind compared to the hmr. I dont intend to reload ,so choice of ammo and cost of is important. It would be more of a fox gun with the odd rabbit should charlie not show up. 95%of my permissions are cleared for full bore.
  13. Just had 2 hours test rounds and the best by a long way especially at longer ranges was the eley. The winchester ok upto 60meters. I liked the look of the cci but they were very unpredictable even at 60 mtrs. The eley does look a better quality round took it out to 100metrrs got first 4 shots inside a inch then got over excited with the group and pulled the last shot but still just over a inch. My trgger not turned up yet so might get a little better when i fit it but iam happy with things now.
  14. Iam itching to test them but I will have to wait for ideal weather conditions. The trigger kit should be here soon so I will change that before testing.
  15. Well I picked up some remington, rws, cci and some eley to try. All I need is the weather.
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