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  1. Thanks for reply’s it seems to have sorted itself out for now!!! had it out and all seems good , thanks
  2. Hi all , just got it out and no air on gauge ,topped up and can see gauge dropping as I sit with it, is this something I can fix or is it back to shop for repair ? I cannot see or hear where it’s coming from either. thanks
  3. Hi all , been clay shooting for a few years and looking to get out and involved in a shoot , beating, picking up etc and hopefully get myself on a beaters day or 2 in the future, if anybody can point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks
  4. Hi all ,just wondering if any of you have any experience of Airgun centre , Im looking to buy a HW100 kt from them in next few weeks if i get a good feedback,they offer lifetime servicing and the combo kit seems pretty good price, does anybody know if they are the HULL Cartridge stamped models that they sell or the others?? is this a problem anymore anyway?? any opinions /feedback would be great thanks
  5. Can anybody shed any light on my mates Miroku o/u.Its only used for clays and hasn't had a hard life at all,he had a problem with the second shot not being let off,randomly but seemed to become more frequent,it went in to gunshop and was advised it was now ok,but on first time out with the gun since its started double discharging, Any ideas on what or how to fix the problem cheers
  6. Has anyone bought or dealt with the airgun centre in Essex,They do rifle combo deals on most of the good pcp rifles .I was interested in HW100 from them comes complete with slip,scope pellets etc. any thoughts.???
  7. anybody out there got a s510tc ???looking for opinions and pros and cons,against a hw100??? let me know what you all think thanks peeps.
  8. In my fairly modest experience Semi auto are not the norm for rough shooting and can be frowned upon by other guns that may be around you,due to the fact nobody else knows the gun is not loaded or safe(only you do). My local clay shoot has alot of semi and pumps but they must be flagged and slipped between stands and the organisers are hot on it too. I have used semi and quite like them generally feel lighter,less recoil and fairly cheap to buy. the ones i used where beretta. good luck with the search.
  9. Hi,Thinking of having a trip here,but was wondering if anybody has been recently,do they have alot of guns to look at?,what are they like to deal with? looking for a shotgun o/u up to £1000. cheers Countryboy
  10. Hi folks ,waiting for my sgc to come through,had a trip to a local gunshop this morning to have a look at whats out there as a first timer,Looking for a budget gun o/u or semi auto,looked at allsorts but come across Lanber,what is peoples thoughts on these as a make,quality,accuracy,reliability etc etc. I know they are cheap compared to all the others,but as a beginner and due to work etc it probably wont get worked very hard,and the fact im not loaded will they be suitable? Also looked at Escort semi auto ??? All thoughts,and experiences appreciated cheers Countryboy
  11. Looking to buy one of the above,but have used quite a few different pcp's but never used a Gas ram,I want to use for some target stuff at rifle club,and for some vermin control too, looking for advice on pro's and cons etc,like the HW100,Theoben rapid but also the gas versions done by these manafacturers. would like a multishot too. thanks in advance Countryboy
  12. Hi folks,I am just in the process of applying for my SGC,Just started clay shooting that i really enjoy but hoping to do some rough shooting in the near future. After some advice on a good all-rounder for both.Think i want an O/U ,on a budget too. I have been using a Miroku and a Beretta O/U and a Beretta S/AUTO. Does anybody know about the Beretta Essential ??? Thanks in advance Countryboy
  13. Nice work boys,and plenty more to come by the looks of it
  14. Nice looking bit of kit,dont forget to let us know how you get on with it.
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