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  1. You have already brought your scope but i would chuck MTC Viper in the mix...Great scopes all beit a little on the expensive side but you get what you pay for....Good luck with your new purchase.....As for money no object scopes i would go Swarovski Z6 it was made for Hunters and just under 2 grand it would be the one i would have if money was no object
  2. This opening ceromony needs Jag's,Bentleys and Astons doing donuts whilst on fire just like JC from TG sugguested lol

    1. chris k

      chris k

      know what ya mean.

  3. Come on bitch, ive put my user name up on the first page. send me a friend request and get on MW3 but where a nappy as im guna shoot the shtye from ya Not a prob pal...its on its way biatch lol shame your frightened to play you fanny fart Spoke to your lad, his words were your only any good with a beer in yer belly Did he the little sh*t lol......but alas it's true i play better when had a few scoops.........dunno why i play better on BF3 without a beer,But then again they 2 diff games....BF3 more realistic unlike MW3 where it's Man On Run With Gun
  4. Bah co2!........Get a quality springer mate...also dont be chatting about making things more powerful more fule for the anti's and all that....Loose Lips Sink Ships
  5. I got that also its a great game with xray kill cam
  6. Top shooting Jamie.....nice bag of bunnies there mate....I make a mean Rabbit Madrass
  7. Couldnt agree more mate.....cracking rifle the 77
  8. Love is like a fart, If youve have to force it, Its probably shit!

    1. tomano1


      Farts are like love the more u keep them in the more it hertz !

  9. Fkin animals....no respect for that poor pony
  10. I used to work on beef farm who bred Texas Longhorn cattle....now then fkers were mental....no way would i go anywere near them with calfs unless i was on the quad to make sure i got a swift getaway lol
  11. Nice write up and pic there Smokey......love the good days when your out in the field
  12. theres one on gunstar http://www.gunstar.c...le-gs85398.aspx Thats a 250 not 300...also this rifle you showed is in gay caliber lol this is a FWB 300SU
  13. Cummon Earth biatch get ya ass on MW3 or BF3 so i can hand your ass to ya lol

  14. How much do i owe you tomoz mike?.....pm me wit paypal addy so i can sent as gift
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