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  1. ill get you out some day course it, hope you dont mind if i wear a pair of earphones or something, you do ramble on a bit like np tommy wat you going a run with your ferreting bitch loldon't think your in a position to knock anyones dog , wether it be ferreting or otherwise
  2. between and 90 a pair :thumbs: got mine for 60 quid in the Belfast angling centre last xmas
  3. sure you don't mean bodies in the ditch Frank lol
  4. Always thought it was an English word but it seems to be the choice word of the so called Irish lads now
  5. do you get your own egg with that cup
  6. nice one course it _ whos putting the ground on for you
  7. no offence pal......... but you sound like a nutter.PMSL
  8. that didn't last long lol

    1. paulus


      it was shite anyway. usual saturday night,sunday morning pub talk lol

    2. choo-choo


      Lol be some fuzzy heads around the fields of county Louth in an hour or two ;)

    3. paulus


      be coughing and spewing in the hedgerows lol

  9. the bloke had has his stolen mate but used a pic of mine saying it was hismaybe he's previously downloaded your pic for whatever reason and uploaded the wrong pic from his laptop files by mistake
  10. can anyone put up what was said
  11. speak of the devil lol look who on WHO??? cock of the north CMW.heard hes the cock of the north.havent seen it yet any body know him what his name
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