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  1. GRAHAM_2009

    Astro 320 Not Tracking

    Lads the collars that are linking to box but not tracking need U.K. software version linked to the collar. I had a T5 bought from France and paid gps4u $20 for the link.. all good yip!! Then bought 2 t5s for spares also French.. now they wont sell the link!!! Its because there not legal in the U.K. and Ireland... my yr old 3x T5s have all stopped picking up gps!!! Its a nightmare... someone knows something it aint Rocket science when the link is given.. think of all the trackers bought by everyone. Yet they will not help only for a small fortune.. one other reason for collar problems might be sheep wire breaking our collars.. you see much sheep fencing in USA? New trackers available in U.K. are my new option. Hateful thing to do but hounds are worth more to us.. its definitely not gps4us problem that there a great online shop and very helpful. Garmin in particular dont give two hoots.
  2. GRAHAM_2009

    Astro 320 Not Tracking

    I was just going to post same topic I have DC40 collars and and 50s they are connecting to 320 but when dogs running won't pick up GPS singal when dogs on run. Anyone any ideas or links that could try and solve this ??
  3. GRAHAM_2009


    We're are you from rat face
  4. GRAHAM_2009


    These 207 were shot with just 6 decoys and a caller which I think is a very useful thing to gain there attention
  5. GRAHAM_2009

    Best Wet Weather Hunting Clothing

    We called them riverssweat not breathable is an understatement the smock I've got walk 30 yards the inside is dripping worst jacket I've ever owned, our local gunshot can't give the stuff away Yea as I said not the most breathable coat but bout the best waterproof coat. What gun shop is this as need to order one might get it a lot cheaper.
  6. GRAHAM_2009

    Best Wet Weather Hunting Clothing

    Has no one tried riverwest not the most breathable but for heat and waterproof defo worth every penny you won't be disappointed
  7. GRAHAM_2009

    Out Exercising Hounds

    Well that's it I know yous boys are in in it for the hunt which I totally understand working you hound and letting them hunt.
  8. GRAHAM_2009

    Out Exercising Hounds

    Yea Milliken lets hope they are left alone but up north were we are from what's the chances I know a lot people at them and some don't stop hunting full stop
  9. GRAHAM_2009

    Abbeyfeale Harriers Annual Hunting Festival

    Harrier = cock head
  10. GRAHAM_2009

    Good Day With Young Dogs

    Iam not to sure exactly sure would have to check my book but there would be over 40 dug and give to hounds. Fm hounds have caught a few on top but mostly running them in and getting them at end of dig. Yea we shall be down again this year usual don't find out dates to around Xmas time but something look forward to lol
  11. GRAHAM_2009

    Good Day With Young Dogs

    Not many people post on this section mate so when new topic Iam onto it lol only reason I twigged was tommys yellow van lol good days crack there mate . Yea going well mate better than expected think 335 between the squad lamping and cover. How yous going
  12. GRAHAM_2009

    Good Day With Young Dogs

    That would be cheesy far left lol was that his 3 lol
  13. GRAHAM_2009

    2 Patterdale Bull Russell

    Any pictures of pups
  14. GRAHAM_2009

    Which Semi Auto For 4-500

    If you can add maybe £100 to your budget I would recommend a 2nd hand beretta 391 urika
  15. Yes it would be in a motor vehicle or I'd of left 3 days ago lol