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  1. How do you get rid of the red mite nver had this problem before but got it bad help needed
  2. Git some new chickens about 16week old buttwo are not eating to well anybody tell me why
  3. anybody go to midland game fair today and was there many lurchers there and who won the champion of champions and any other comments
  4. whats the best times to get out for pigeons morn or evening
  5. its raining bet you dont believe me do ya

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    2. boots


      im selling wellies and they are cheap ha ha

    3. theferreter


      yous need more than wellies over there mate boat springs to mind

    4. FUJI


      Sun is splitting the trees up here in Cumbria the 3rd day in a row

  6. anybody know whose doing the terriers and lurcher show
  7. went to this show today there was plenty of people and dogs well done to those who helped and organized this show you did yourselves proude well done see you at the next one
  8. went to this show and it was another good turn out
  9. when is the first show in north wales anybody no
  10. whats the size and shape for avary any pics please
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