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  1. If there is anyone on here that lives near dumpheries in scotland that has ferrets for sale let me know my mates are going over next weekend shooting and will collect them for me.
  2. out on sunday got 13 but 2 were full of young ;(
  3. nelson is the man. Fluff is there any pictures of mick dadds gear around?
  4. Hi folks I'm after a black eyed white hob can't get them over here.let me know what part of the UK ye are in as I know a lad that drives over now and again thanks
  5. Sorry to be keeping you so busy les.But people should hear about your gear!!!! Hope you're back in action soon.
  6. Sorry Jackson only seen your message now 22 pound but worth every penny.24 in 1 hr Sunday game over for bugsie when they hit these.like I said the basket is the best on the market no noise of poles hitting off each other very tidy.the nests that I'm using are 6z but some lads will differ.A true gent to deal with
  7. Not disputing for a minute the kill rate on 4. 6 or 8z I have used all 3. But if you get a 4z instead of a 6z that was ordered and its like a tennis racket.that's different story. Point Im trying to make is Nelson is the man.
  8. I have been ferreting for the past 30yrs.I have used all types of nets purse nets which we don't get much use for over here because of the lack of ground burrows. Then onto the stopnet which has served us very well over the years.only in the past couple of years have I started using quickset nets.which have taken out the time and trouble of rolling up nets and maybe even leaving one behind you:'( I have spent a lot of money on my gear from the days of the home made carry boxes that would kill you carrying them around to now with every kind of bow back box there is. I have bough many of the quickset nets from different ((top)) suppliers but today proved it to me.THE best basket and net that I have used is is from NELSON on here.DO NOT PASS HIM if you want quality and value for money.When he says your getting 6z net you get a 6z net not like another ((top)) supplier. Today we used A 6z off nelson and a 6z off the other supplier. The other suppliers was like a tennis racket and was only a 4z at best.They don't get out of nelsons net.I can not recommend Nelsons nets highly enough and a really nice books to deal with.End of rant;-)
  9. That's the one I have used jbs bridport and these are the best basket
  10. I think I have one of his already that I bought off another lad.its a black basket with a yellow net.100yrd long and you have two rows of poles in the basket. Would that be him he used to sell on eBay its an excellent net with loads of bagging.
  11. Hi any photos of nelsons quickset net system think it used to be a yellow long net
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