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  1. Cheers the little bitch is a 3/4 whippet x 1/4 buddy she's a nice little bitch always on the lookout and often manages to put herself in the right place at the right time She works exceptionally well the the terriers and is a vary rare occasion that we come home empty handed. Cheers the big lad always gives me his all, proper dog does everything I've ever asked of him, never let me down, had some fantastic nights lampung with him, I do loads of ferreting with him, great dog to have around
  2. Thanks for the comments lads. The jack on the left I bought a few years back off a farm. I breed her and kept the only bitch in the litter, red on the far right. Both fantastic little dogs.
  3. Being off over Christmas is giving me the chance to be out with the dogs as a pack rather than lampung the lurches in the evening after work, and beating with terriers on a Saturday. Love watching them all work together. Still loads of cover and brambles up so the jacks are finding plenty to flush out. This was one of my most productive walks. Jacks had a bunny and the pheasant and the lurchers had a bunny each. Few more put up and the mutts gave chase, but hey you can't catch em all.
  4. Cheers mate just nice to be getting out
  5. With the weather being so mild still for this time of year down my end, I just haven't been able to get at any warrens due to them still being under brambles,stingers and wild grass that's near as tall as me. As I always end up with two weeks off Christmas I've been chewing a couple of farmers ears about running there hedge cutters about. Thankfully they obliged so I've managed a few little trips out on the ditches. Crazy weather I was even down to a tshirt on Monday. Nice to be out with zig and ferrets
  6. Cheers lads best look Nelson up then
  7. Ive got a few spots that would be perfect to long net rather than crashing about in brambles setting purse nets. Never used them before or even own any, so looking for any tips and a nudge in right direction as to where to purchase the net or nets cheers
  8. Is it sold? If not ill have it all please. Send me your details and I'll pay for it straight away. cheers justin
  9. no ive got it mate, I learnt to read at school. The fact it says Mk2 ferret finder right across it is a bit of an indication as to what one it is
  10. Looks like im gonna have to stump up for new kit then
  11. Lost a collar a while back, just wondered if anyone knows if any of the other collars work on a mk2 finder. Or if anyone may have mk2 collars they want to sell. Cheers
  12. Anyone know of or planning a litter of beddy pups. Want to add one to work alongside my lurchers for beating and ratting to. Any help would be a great help.
  13. She knows her job and does it well enough though, id say great little dogs
  14. Id say just rabbits and rat's. My little bitch is spot on at that, anythingvelse would be a big ask, and to be honest to much for her not to walk away damaged. She's great round the nets ferreting and nails enough on the lamp.
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