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  1. Somewhereyournot was out last night to my mate got a 140 I feel like a miner when he uses it may aswell use a candle somnights
  2. Brand new used a hand full of times £30 Ring or text 07870992828
  3. Mk3m and one collor 2 brand new leather collors in box £90 ono Ring or text 07870992828
  4. 16 month old collie whippet greyhound caught 3 rabbits daytime with the terrier and one lamping red bridle dog bred by my self havnt got time for him due to work and a new baby the mothers a hancock bitch and a decent lamping dog but at the moment the dog is going to waste and its a shame Im located in south wales any questions text or call 07870992828
  5. I just need a dog thats faster than a bunny lol speed is everything aslong as the dogs got the brains to know what gear to be in but then again being just a bunny hunter you dont realy need a 500m sprinting dog
  6. My thoughts mate is that to be asking questions your not sure about it yourself its going to be your dog noone elses so make sure your happy with it
  7. Yeah mate fished a few times not a bad place of the pier just normally chocker block just watch the traffic wardens
  8. He must not have learnt the basics and gone straight in at the deep end thats like asking can I change my babys arse before or after he has a shit
  9. Thanks lads been looming at that box on ebay but in a double
  10. Strong little dogs had a farm one bite through my tyre on the weekend
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