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  1. Thanks for the comments lads,pups will be given the best grub I can give them good too know what other people are doing, I've been blending mince in milk the last 2 days and they been going well on it,
  2. Pups coming on great now 3 weeks old in a couple of days, mother in good shape too, what age do you lads start weaning pups usually and what you start them on, mother is on chicken lamb and tripe, gonna put the pups on chicken and lamb mince do you bother with any dry foods aswell.
  3. Thanks resistance, hopefully they'll carry on as they are
  4. Thanks for the comments lads, nice even litter in fairness
  5. Thanks lads, bitch and pups doing great today
  6. Been buying in pups since I started with terriers spent a small fortune the wife would kill me if she knew the truth, so decided to breed a litter myself this year which arrived yesterday, looking forward to the next few weeks rearing this lot, bitch is doing great job so far 1st litter and she 5 year old.
  7. Anyone had a chassis go and dealt with Nissan what did they do for you?
  8. Some good looking dogs on here, like the look of him glyn
  9. Alot of this going on lately, somebody must be buying these dogs, like already been said best bet to try and make them too hot too handle
  10. Cracking dogs all terrain, you breed them yourself pal?
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