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  1. Looking for your best jerky and fruit leather recipes. Want to make some but would like to hear what you guys have tried and tested first! Thanks
  2. Hello There, I am breeding some Warrens to replace old ones of mine and to sell on any surplus. However, I would like to know about sexing the chicks, I know it is possible to do but I have never done it before, so has anyone got any experience in this? I would real;y like to see some pictures of male and female Warren day olds so that I have a reference to work too. Thank you All
  3. Oh yes! My friend is like that. We were only talking about the potatoes we planted last year. I put mine in the ground St Patricks day, fingers were blue with the cold. I got a very good yield of nice spuds. All he could say is how stunted they were at the start and how no one should do what I did. I got lots of spuds, what's the fupping problem I didn't bother to mention to him how my maincrop were handful size when he went to his patch and could not get a feed for just himself, no doubt I done something wrong there too HAHAHA I have a few allotments and everyone there said how my spuds were in far to early and that they would definatly get blight later on because of this. When it came to harvest, blight free i might add, they were the biggest I had ever seen!! Never seen spuds like it.
  4. Has anyone ever made an egg incubator?? There are quite expensive to buy and I would love to be able to make one, has anyone got any ideas???
  5. My allotments are far too wet at the moment for doing anything. The people who had it before me put a land drain in, just a perforated plastic pipe but they dug it into the clay subsoil and then back filled with clay so it was pointless as the water just sits on the surface!!
  6. You can buy second hand solar panels that are still in good nick for not much money, a friend of mine runs his caravan with one. Or a homemade wind turbine I made one from old car parts and it powered a 40 foot mobile home all year round!
  7. Nice Frontier Stove mate! should keep you niiice and toasty.
  8. Thank you bobcullen79 Le Salvager looks like he has got the right idea! And yes to buy it dismantle it and then buy replacement panels and glass and clips is expensive, by the time thats done you might as well buy one new! A polytunnel might well be cheaper to make and easier. I shall keep you updated on the progress.
  9. Looking to make a fairly large greenhouse but I don`t really want to be spending a lot of money on it. So I thought about making one. Has anyone done this before?? If so how?? What did you use?? And was it very costly to do?? Thanks guys and gals
  10. dig a ditch to intercept the water before it reaches your land. This is probably your best bet. Good idea. See if you can map where the buried pipes are, then maybe look into mole ploughing, this will work if your soil is no less than 40% clay. Pigs are definitely not a good idea in the winter as they will trash it. Unless you are going to do some serious work to improve the soil quality then summer grazing of livestock might be the better options for example, you could put five or six store lambs on it over the summer.
  11. Hello All, Anybody tried making this? Be good to hear about it and see some photo`s if possible. Thanks
  12. Far too cold out tonight lol

  13. Yeah its great for treating fences with. We mix it up with old diesel and any old oil, we also put the soot from sweeping the chimneys in to it as well. Its basicly kreosote mate
  14. Hi All, A quick question, can you keep common ringneck pheasant and English Partridge in the same pens? Thanks Guys and Galls
  15. Hi All, I am thinking of getting ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys for meat. However I need to know how much of what to feed each of these birds in order to achieve the best and fastest growth. Can you help me out with this info please?
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