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  1. lurcherdave

    Pics In Snow

    fook never worked
  2. thanks margaret its a bit of a drive but we gonna try make it down.
  3. Same as the title, just wanted to see some pictures
  4. lurcherdave

    shanes castle

    again thanks , good to hear positive views than the slagging matches i see game fairs as a bit of fun so dont see the need for bitching
  5. lurcherdave

    shanes castle

    i thought judges did a good, fair job on sunday
  6. was 1st year racing, it dragged on abit but still enjoyed it
  7. lurcherdave

    ballywalter pics?

    Mine won the heat I was well chuffed but she got tanked an the final, but was happy enough. Cheers Albert
  8. lurcherdave

    ballywalter pics?

    I tried him he didn't take any of the roughcoated race what dog was yours mine was in it to
  9. lurcherdave

    ballywalter pics?

    Ok cheers, there's usually loads put on, this is the first year I raced mine and was hoping to get a good snap of her
  10. Has anybody got any good pics of the showing and racing at ballywalter?
  11. The one and only time, hopefully not the last you should've stayed for the racing my bitch won the rough coat race but then got stuffed in the next race
  12. Ok albert thanks who will be posting them on facebook?