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  1. Well guy's ive finally found the exact gun i was looking for.h One turned up only 25 minutes away from me, the exact one i was looking for. Full kit too, scope,bag,5l 300bar bottle. £775. Happy day's. Cheers for all the advice guy's.
  2. Good shout mate, I called them just yesterday but they dont have what i want, second hand or brand new. I dont know why but there's loads of thumbhole .22s kicking about for good prices too but no sporters, i could pay top dollar and travel hours for one but im not prepared to do that just yet.
  3. Thanks Phil, let me know if you see anything.
  4. Im looking for a second hand one matey, loads of .177 available but none in .22
  5. Hi Guy's Not sure if this is allowed in here but Im looking for an hw100ks in .22, If any of you know of one for sale then please pm me. Sorry but im being really fussy and im only interested in a karbine sporter in .22. dont mind buying just the rifle coz im putting an nv008p on top. cheers
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  7. View Advert 8 WEEKS OLD Weihrauch HW80 .177 This rifle was bought middle of August for £430 just for the rifle, sadly its just not the gun for me so its getting moved on. I've added Hawke eclipse 4-16x50AOIR scope, sportsmatch mounts and good quality semi rigid BSA gun bag. Any questions do so via add and offers via pm please Location is Hartlepool, East Durham Thanks Martin Advertiser Red-Rocks Date 10/10/21
  8. thanks for all the interest, rifle sold pending collection. atb rr
  9. logun solo, made my fx, .22, scope & silencer has a couple little marks but nothing major, the rifle is mint great condition all over, 4x40 scope, silencer, adjustable but pad, ambidextrous stock, face to face only thanks £200 http://s1208.photobu...linsongas/solo/
  10. bump me up rifles still for sale, any takers?
  11. hw80k.22 shoots and handles really well, in decent condition, blueing isnt great but the stocks mint, having been stripped and oil finished, brought out some really nice grain for a beech stock. had a strip and relube with a new ox spring thats been polished to a mirror finish and shortened to keep it legal, 11.7ftlb. polished piston, trigger blade and sears. ptfe piston sleve, new breech seal, threaded barrel with hw silencer, hawke 3-9x50ir scope with high sportsmatch mounts. i had this for sale before but started to miss it before it was gone so decided to keep it but ive recent
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