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  1. Fair play mate had a phone call yesterday from a golfcourse I asked about a wile ago I had to get insurance first tho but all good now gotta meet him tomorrow to have a walk round its just ferreting at the moment but may have a word to do a tad bit of snareing ATB
  2. Hi I got mine from ianhodgefieldsports £160 full set locator and collar and batterys I have bought loads off there so I no he is trust worthy but that's an extra £25 so its up to you online websites are fine as they can be traced back by your bank if anything goes wrong ATB. And hope it helped
  3. Ok all thanks well i cant wait thanks for the advice got a lot of birthday money that needs to be spent hahahah
  4. Ok lads well I'm goin tommoro so when I'm back ill post to tell you lot what I thought ATB
  5. Hi all me and my mate are off to the game fair Sunday what's everyones views on it I personally can't wait as I have not yet been to a game fair ATB
  6. Hi all im now with countryside alliance got a good deal and its all round insurance so added bonus ATB
  7. Hi all im now with countryside alliance got a good deal and its all round insurance so added bonus ATB
  8. Ok thanks mate how much is it roué about
  9. Hi all my Jill has come back into season she's had a litter is this normal and am I going to have to get her the jab ATB thanks provost getting fed up with this post as it's been up a few times
  10. Haha love it mate my sons the same as soon as I come threw the gate from work he runs to the back door then straight to the ferrets. He has to hold all three adults wilst I feed them and the same with the kits next generation of HUNTERS hah ATB.
  11. Ok mate I'm interested il get back to you asap gotta get intouch with my friend ATB.
  12. Ok sorry my mistake so how much for two tickets for the saturday its about £24 at the gate
  13. Ye I no what you mean but to tell the truth my missis ain't to keen on the kits as they nip like always but once I've broke them to hand she loves them hahaha but every time I clean them or feed them she's nowear to be seen
  14. Haha I did notice I only have the two left and just thought there may be a beginner on hear near me who I could help get started the missis Woud keep them all if she had her way but I got four allready so it's a no no .
  15. So one ticket covers all three days
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