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  1. Sure there was no clip off your bitch SGW was there?? It was icemans bitch was put up I put it up myself!!
  2. Lads the bitch that was on the clip defo is NOT for sale as I put one of the clips up and hunt with this bitch and owner great wee bitch sshe is too watched her back end a last year and all of this year fair plat SF and good luck mate
  3. Heres my bitch pic just took there now
  4. Got a wee bitch her of this bitch and lucas can lovely pup thanks again mate
  5. Right lads i no the saying goes pictures are for the wall but i myself likes this picture and want it printed and framed lets see yours if yous have any keep it clean lads
  6. was that jet77 bitch lad yes mate did u ever see her run
  7. Dvd bitch x shadow a bitch of these 2 they put mikey the full saluki on
  8. I have a topic up litter mates have a look
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