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  1. send pic of dog mate cheers how tall is the bitch and dog give me a ring on 07748783208 dogs goin to my mate and waiting on dotty replying about the bitch mate
  2. send new pic of him mate cant see them ones that good
  3. where about are you mate
  4. hello mate ive got a ruff 4 month old dog pup all fawn with black muzzle deerhound x saluki,greyhound would be intrested in your patterdale to replace my one as hes to old now if interested give me a bell mate 07855323180 cheers hi mate think av got me choice of 2 now 1s a wheaton grey x wheaton grey airdale grey and the other is a bull grey deerhound grey hes a pic of the pat hello mate might not be no good for you but got hare dog from a friend who was banned fpr coursing about 3 years day time dog more into my terriers he about 27inch would do swoop send me private message if any goo
  5. how do you know hes very hard if hes not been to ground. ican smell something take a bath then. :sick: somethink wrong with him ay
  6. how big she mate does she run the beam and jump how far from northamptonshire you
  7. jo54

    Horse Stolen

    Sorry to insult your race, but my nans mate got mugged by a gypsie a while back, we know this because she recognised the face, he was poking around collecting scrap metal the night before. Also a farm near me had a trailor nicked, and it was found in a travellers camp near by, s that's the reason why travellers have a bad name. Some are the nicest people i've ever spoke to, but there always has to be some. there is good and bad everywhere and probably always wil be i got to put up with the idiots in my comunity and you got to put up with them in yourse were allways get the blam
  8. jo54

    Horse Stolen

    we all ways get the blame propaly because we have ballls bigger than a football
  9. strange but not true
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