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  2. There is a 6 foot fence at the back you bell end and 5 foot on side so get ya facts right you tit.You get back to your shit bred Russells
  3. I never seen any dog lost posters up but i was out at 5am putting up my home made posters up.And there is no way he jumped fence he rarely leaves run even if door left open .A neighbour had said the window cleaners had been that day but they know dogs are there so are normally careful so unless they missed him get out. A few weeks ago a lad who does a bit of scrap tried to entice him off the back field then ran like f**k when i shouted him he only a youngish lad and he knocks about with some right bell ends all with flat caps on so who knows.
  4. The lad seemed genuine and way he came about having him was what i had already heard.The lad who came to my door had seen the dog with these two lads and he told them that it was my dog and they denied it and an hour later they abandoned dog near the town centre which is when this lad picked the dog up and took it home.I now know that the lad lives right next to the bus stops i postered early this morning and he had gone into pet shop to buy a cage and told the lady behind the counter the story of how he got dog.Then the old dear pointed out my poster and he told her it was not the same dog.I did not find this out until a couple of hours after taking him back otherwise he would of got a slap.He had no intensions of giving him back and wanted a few photographs with him before he went but i told him to beat it. He looks ok but got a few scars on face and couple on leg which will of been from monday nights sighting when he was being ran on reds on a busy B road. He is now laid out on rug after a KFC treat
  5. I HAVE HIM BACK. Thanks to a girl who was sat in a bus stop where one of my posters were recognised him as dog walked passed straight away and then rang me and followed him to give me commentary of where he was at all time. She has refused to take the reward money from me but drinks in the same boozer as me and just wants a drink or two bought. Now thats a result
  6. Mr Hunter


  7. Got a message two hours ago that he was walking through Old Billingham today with two lads.I been round that area for last hour putting up notices and popped to a lads who keeps lurchers there to keep eye out
  8. Had a knock on door an hour ago and it was a lad saying he seen this dog yesterday with some lads from the Port Clarence area. Peg&Gun off this site is over that way now making a few enquiries so hopefully will hear summit
  9. I got a message today off a girl on facebook who seen this dog running on the road and somebody running on path. This happened on the flyover from Billingham to Norton @ 9:30 pm last night.My guess is he has got loose and has bailed as he is quite a timid dog and only really listens to me. So i have posted on a pet site on facebook in Stockton area for people to keep an eye out for him
  10. littlefish i got a pen with roof and is secure but when Mrs comes in she normally gives them bones or pigs trotters and as i said i also have a Wheaten bitch so they get seperated when fed bones.They are fine with food and eat from same baking tray but bones are a very different story
  11. Another picture.Im in Edinburgh at the minute but im gonna travel back home tomorrow and knock some posters up for shops near me as quite a lot of people know this dog so fingers crossed
  12. Between 3 & 5pm on Monday 19th September my Lurcher dog went missing from my back garden.He is a 21" tts Whip X Grey and is blue in colour with a white blaze on chest also on the tips of his toes and the tip of his tail.He went when my Mrs took one of the kids to the opticians so nobody was in at the time.My garden is surrounded by a 6ft fence at back and 5ft on the sides so there is a very slight chance he could of hopped the sides which i doubt as he refuses to jump out in the field unless i sod off and leave him.I back onto a large public playing field which is fairly busy and there is a chance he has been seen through gaps in fence boards and also he is very friendly and will often nose through the fence.I also have a wheaten bitch who at the time was locked in the run so she is still there.I live in Billingham and have rang all local councils,vets and rescue centres etc to no avail. There is also a £100 reward offered for safe return.I know its not much but money is tight
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    greyhound lure

    Graham4877 makes them mate
  14. Sean1 if your on about Snatch he is doing spot on.I have been out with this dog many a time and i was well impressed he hunts like a Spaniel. Although last season he was out of action a while as took an injury running into a car lamping and he actually had broke hisradial bone in his leg which Robert Meek spotted .Snatch also sired a litter or two.Ill see him later no doubt over his mams opposite me and ill get his new number as yet again he has changed it