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  1. Some haul lad, if you can't get the best out of any lurcher with that amount of running in an outing I don't know who can, credit to ya bud fair play
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies will look into that site gaffer cheers lad will let yous know how I fair out.
  3. Hi all my friend has a cartridge belt that he bought at the CLA gamefair a couple of years back and id like to get one made like it as I can't find one like it anywhere if anyone could put me in touch with someone who does hand crafted leather works??
  4. hi all im in the middle of training a young spaniel pup 16 months old note this is my first gundog and she'll be used for rough shooting so im not going for the full field trail polished off dog obviously i want to get the best of my dog, to date i have all basic training done sit stay retrieving stopping to the whistle not as sharp as id like it though good recall, shes flushed partridge and pheasants, my questions is id like to get her sharper on the stop whistle and if she gets in to an open ditch with room to move and i cant see her are hear her work she hunts down it very fast and gets out of range any tips on either of these problems?? she dose stop so its not a big problem would just like to sharpen it up an polish it off, hunting ditches were the dogs covered but has plenty of room plus she dose try a push on alot i find myself havin to hit her on the whistle alot anything i can do to teach her her limit so to speak and get her hunting at a steadier pace like i say its my first gundog and my first time training one so its as much a learning curve for me as it is the dog, as far as hunting ability nose working cover and water work the dog id flying. thanks in advance for any advice i look forward to your replies.
  5. Hi everyone me and a few friends are thinking of going to Scotland next season for a few days at the geese, this will be my first time goose shooting we'd be coming over form Northern Ireland was looking into orkney island but its working out a full days travel so in order to shoot three days it will take a full week which some of the lads cant do, Do any of you's lads know any good guides for a bit of goose shooting maybe with an evening flight of duck and something to do during the day a bit of pigeon shooting or rough shooting?? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. On the market for a new rod and reel for river trout i'm looking for something light weight that'll give me good value out of small river trout on worm and spinner what you guys using? Thanks.
  7. thescruffyone, im the same when it comes to holding a gun right handed just feels weird i've been trying to shoot the shotgun from the right not as weird as a scope mounted rifle not sure if anything will come of it but as moxy says its brain training, i wonder if you patched off the left eye would it stop you from unconsciously trying to pull your left eye into the view of the scope and make things a bit more comfortable, at the end of the day i say it could be done with time and patience, but it just wouldn't be the same as what comes naturally to you.
  8. i'm right handed, left eye dominant, left footed and w*nk with left and right (at the same time) lol lol. like the look of that 77 and rapids daz 7. was looking at the rws lr20/25 were you screw the bolt off youself and change it over to the left side in a matter of seconds, anyone used this air rife and how do they rate it??
  9. nice bitch that long tail she sounds a cracker, think it would be a handy dog lamping lad
  10. skot ruthless teale, like the look of the s410, ghillies will probably go for a second hand sell for less lefty lol, what else is on the market for the lefty?
  11. anyone ever worked this cross and what did you think of it, any pics?? Regards.
  12. looking to know which precharged air rifles offer a true left hand option there pros and cons, so far i'm looking at a fx cyclone i like the option of adjustable power, anyone any experience with this air rifle pros and cons. Thanks.
  13. great write up and pics lad cracking looking dogs, hows the fawn dog in the 8th pic bred? out of interest how is the traditional long net set up it looks like the main running line has been attached to a thicker running line above it? what the purpose of this and how was it done?? Atb Fathom
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