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  1. badoosh

    let's all laugh at scum

    At least the United fans didn't have far to go home.....
  2. badoosh

    earning abit of spare money online

    How much do you get for referals mate
  3. badoosh

    Crossman Ratcatcher

    New price
  4. badoosh

    i didnt fall off!!

    Brokeback mountain comes to mind Hyp
  5. badoosh

    Pondering again

    7'11" x 9'3" sorry don't know it in metric hope this helps
  6. badoosh


    What you do is just say,1 second while i turn the bath off,or answer the door,then just put the phone on the side and leave it,,,there paying the bill Or a good one is can you speak english and listen to the kick off....had a women from the phillipines kicking off for 5 minutes,quite entertaining
  7. badoosh

    Crossman Ratcatcher

    Cheers mate didn't take the knockers long did it,done your homework mate all the best
  8. badoosh

    Crossman Ratcatcher

    Crossman Ratcatcher, 4x32 scope. fair used condition,had a red tip silencer on it hence scoring on barrel. Was my lads who's moved onto other things,shoots straight and well no leaks,fits inside your coat .....which is illegal so i don't condone that sort of behaviour In Manchester want £50+ postage will not take any less,so don't bother asking...pick up no problem...
  9. badoosh

    Frost Mora 162 spoon carving knife

    PM sent mate
  10. badoosh

    Movie streams

    Would it be ok to download?...pre ban of course
  11. badoosh

    Personal safety

    I agree with that,woman or man.... Have you not thought the nutters may think your the nutters being out in the woods at night?
  12. badoosh

    New tattoo, what do you think?

    don't half regret having the tiger on my right leg done
  13. Frost Mora 162 spoon bowl carving knife Brand new in Packet, hours of fun. £15 inclusive of p&p
  14. badoosh


    Whats a woodnut?
  15. badoosh

    Bramble jelly / jam

    Attempted to make some yesterday,had 9lb plums,1 1/4 lb blackberries,1.25 kg sugar and about 5 apples (for the pectin)off the tree behind me.Boiled the nuts out of it for 2 hrs and still didn't set Get yourself some sugar with pectin in ,asda do it (silverspoon)going to try and redo this, got 2 massive jars out of it,seems a waste it would have lasted me for ages