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  1. sam storm would it not of been easier to put it all in one post???
  2. I had one it was the most scatty dog I owned and in the end I had to call it a day with collie x stafford if I was you I would not keep one
  3. I would of had her back with me I didnt find out untill friday and it had already been sorted shame really as i liked that little bitch
  4. He had plenty of time to sort this out and made his money and never paid his dues
  5. hello andrew p have you had the pups yet see the addy
  6. good work Id let them wait a while then let them have it and make sure you got a water tight alibi if you know what i mean
  7. i love the look of that first white one thanks running his gr dam is the white brindle dam is the brindle dog and sires are stuff from sylus very nice i saw aka brindle boy hes a cracker credit to you
  8. Few of mine heres my boy around 8 month mark
  9. nice meeting you shes a real intense bitch like i said be careful and pm me later and i can give you all the background just glad she found a good home and i hope you get me my present for crimbo and i will b made up any probs and ill take her back atb nasher
  10. 18 month old bitch free to good home very athlectic and good drive needs a good home due to circumstances outta good dogs pm for more details
  11. bump still open to offers thanks for the comments if i had room id bring the lot on they are very well bred
  12. open to serious offers 2 bitches one of the bitches very strong looking and the other one both bitches very fiery
  13. cheers [bANNED TEXT] heres her brother outta the last litter heres the bitch over the field
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