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  1. is it only a pet passport they need now or do they need a rabies jab now to
  2. how would you rate this game fair was thinking of traveling over for it http://www.midlandgamefair.co.uk/
  3. lovely looking bitch realy like that type best of luck with her
  4. it was a good day out the new land was a great bonus must be 100s of acers in it and no problem with dogs what more could you ask for
  5. the grommets on my quickset net are starting to rot can I put new ones over them with out taking the old ones off their the castration rings for lambs
  6. mate got one from a guy there who was selling some he turned out great a good fast worker no messing about maybe he got lucky
  7. had a great day at this show and it did not cost an arm and a leg also a very nice pit of eye candy at the burger stand
  8. could not agree more I hate to be caught in a fire and them 2 fire fighters trying to help if it took them 25 nin to fend off a ferret all you have to do is stamp on the Fing thing
  9. what was the show like yesterday who won the strongdogs
  10. great pics moll looked like a fun day for dogs and owners
  11. No the mark3 collar will work with the old mark1 box, but the mark3 box will only pick up the mark 3 collar. ok thanks for that
  12. thanks alot will m1 work with m3 box
  13. anyone got a spear one for sale even the old grey box type would do thanks pm me
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