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  1. Have you still got the aseel
  2. Thanks guys I will look around as we need about 14 or 15
  3. Hi guys do any body now where is the cheapest place to buy advocat from please
  4. I've got a new ford ranger I think they are a very comfortable jeep and a lot better then the l200 and navara sand Isuzu I've owned a few different pick up jeeps and I rated them the best on the road
  5. Alright guys I am thinking about recordings some of my nights lamping this winter but I don't now what recorder to get what do you guys use thank jj
  6. Hello I am thinking about recording some nights lamping but I don't know what is the best to use have anyone got any advice and would you mount them on the lamp or someone else to hold them. Somebody told me that you can get a good one that go on to a hat
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows what video camera is good for lamping rabbits with not to expensive and what way are the best mounted on the lamp or someone else holding thanks for any help
  8. Can you inbox me mate I am interested
  9. Any ferrets for sale close to wales but Willing to travel please inbox me if u have any
  10. I think the dog I bought cant be out of him then as he I only about 18 months old I will try to put a photo up of him when I can figure out how to do it
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