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  1. 12 hours ago, Busher100 said:

    A decent rabbit dog is easy to come by a good dog for anything else is not so common depends what you like I suppose heard plenty lads “don’t bother me it’s a jacker I’m only interested in rabbits” till they get one that’s up for more then that then they’re bang into it all 

    I beg to differ on that 1 mate ain't many dogs that can catch heavy amounts of bunnies on any terrain day or night ferreted bushed egg and do it well there places I know where your average dog would struggle your a young lad you've got a long way to go I'm afraid to say just watch and learn keep yah head down and don't believe the hype because all them people who hype things up there's a reason for it 👍

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  2. 1 hour ago, MagyarAgar said:

    From a genetics viewpoint inbreeding is always a bad move. You want diversity for a healthy/resistant population.
    Inbreeding is only a shortcut where the downsides far outweigh the positives, in my view.

    You can see what a lot of inbreeding gets you, by looking at todays show-bred dogs.

    A lot of the good qualities you see in our 1st and 2nd gen crosses are, in my opinion, originating from the heterosis effect.

    I wonder where our dogs would be today, if we would breed only healthy and cabable dogs with a focus on a lot of genetic diversity (which would be possible today with current biotechnology). Maybe dogs with a working life of 15 years that die of old age at 20? Far less cancer, blindness, deafness? 🤔 Ah, nevermind, we will probably never know. Too much show-breeders and backyard puppy-farms around.

    Yeah this is true in some cases I think alot of the stuff your talking of comes through generations of in breeding and breeding from stock with defects and going away from the way the breed actually was at what it was actually bred for performance is the main thing is the dog my type of dog is it doing what I want it to do and is it doing it right faults every dog has it's faults there's never a perfect dog in any way or form, and I think the thing we need to remember the lurcher is a mongrel and a hybred and as we know mongrels as a breed have alot less problems then a pedigree pure bred animal

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Hunting by day and night said:

    There bull cross and the dog I covered my

    bitch with was an 11 year old working collie hound he was a master on foxes but the pups only made rabbit dogs neobliviscaris1776. I line bred with finches and canarys and bred some nice native cheveral goldfinches with white heads and  wings but I never tried it with the dogs poxon 

    I race pigeons and only way you keep a decent line is by breeding tight other wise you would lose what you've got eventually or the other 1 is to find something of same type and compatable to what you already have in my opinion and this goes with out saying you only ever breed to better what you've got or to match it simple as that 👍

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  4. 28 minutes ago, Hunting by day and night said:

    What's everyone opinion on in breeding lurchers. I've litter mates 9 year old dog and bitch both working 100 percent I bred the bitch to a dog two year ago but the pups didn't turn out  the way I wanted them to. Mother and father and grandmother and grandfather to these dogs were really good workers and I've no relations to these dogs left but want to keep the line going would yous recommend full brother full sister mating 

    Best breeding in my opinion is grand parents back to grand children if your going down the line breeding route always worth doing if you wish to keep a good line of stock up just done over do it can lead to the odd problem 

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  5. Remember this lads it's not the seller of the pups who setting the bar of price it's the buyer same with most things these days I fly pigeons and the prices people pay in my eyes is ridiculous but hey if you wanna pay that kind of money that's all down to you I've give dogs away in the past only to find they've sold them on or dumped them or something so there's that side of it aswell each to there own I suppose 

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  6. 9 hours ago, king said:

    There's method to the madness mate..

    Imagine a game keeper or farmer catching you lamping..and once standing next to you.he notices the suit and knob boots..he would leave you alone 😂

    Some of them proper red neck farmers would see that suite as for play I reckon 

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