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  1. i just think all us who donated to this site a few so they could advertise and now other people can just post for free and alot of us paid a 5er i fort payin a 5er was good if people want to make money off this site they least put somthink towards it the sites goin tits up
  2. sent you pm mate u got pm bck mate
  3. D600 works fine few scratches on the screen brand new battery for it stil in the box with a 128 memory card all the leads for computer tv etc will take 20 posted ideal for a spare fone for out with the dogs 2 megapixel cam
  5. needs one cap but im sure i got it
  6. to start with a D600 fone 7 months old unlocked screens abit scratched but works perfect got a brand new battery for it and the one on it now has a 128 memory card in all the leads etc for tv computer... 2pix camera just put it in and check for your self online no box got there 2 plates a gun slip and shoes for any bike riders out there a fold up cage trap car and mains charger for a clulite adding pics now bair with me plus a simmons 4x40 scope
  7. offers for the charger and lamp bits
  8. got this fox head for sale 30 posted just slight damage to one ear still looks nice also a clulite charger got the lamp as well but the batterys buggerd so if anyone wants a spare box for the battery or the wires inside let me no
  9. he must of got a faulty battery bud and what lamp you runnin off urs?
  10. yes and seen as its free why not hey and what lamp u running off yours? how long it last
  11. cos me dad has got 1 of theses he said i can have and there about 40 quid round my way and im abit low on cash atm
  12. no rip the battery out and use it for the lamp
  13. just looking on these they have 12v batterys in them and can get them by me for 20 quid most with about 15amp batterys might get 1 and rip the battery out what you think? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PORTABLE-CAR-JUMP-ST...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. nice one lads i might try get me self a motobike battery
  15. out of one of these batterys how long you looking at it 2 last? ill be using it to a light force striker
  16. what about a moped battery boys? pics would be good to see how you got your set ups
  17. got me self a lightforce striker and wanting to wire it straight to battery but dont want to be spending loads on a battery any pics of set ups and wer to get stuff would be a great help and how do you charge urs
  18. just got me self the light force striker and wanting to wire it to a battery straight off somthink what will do me all night and just charge on a car charger but not to heavy any advice would be good i heard you can get batterys cheap this way and works out better
  19. got a logun gun lamp here just needs a charger in good condition only used 3 times open to offers just pm me
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