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  1. Oh shit. I reckon my dog could have something similar after friday night,he cant put any weight on the leg and the top of his foot has swollen massively and has a hard lump where it shouldnt. I better take my credit card with me to the vet on monday cos it looks expensive.
  2. Youve had the best offer your gonna get mate.
  3. I notice that they didnt mention any arrests, i wonder how much that cost?
  4. No you cant,you are allowed to have dogs in the car and the lamp is there in case one runs away and you need to look for it.
  5. I once said to my boss in front of about 20 blokes. If i called you a c**t you would sack me? Yes he replied But i can think what i like says i Yes he replied Well i think your a C**T! The whole place was in uproar but true to his word the old b*****d never sacked me, i never got a pay rise either but it was well worth it to see his face.
  6. stevesel


    Probably some wankers shot em all
  7. Religion hasn't proven anything of what it says is real. Science is constantly proving and developing. Religion is a load of old SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt agree more. when u mention dinasaurs to a religious person,its just a lot of er ums you get from them,or the classic.they are fake to discredit god.we know where we come from and it wasnt from a rib or some other fairy tale written by man.nothing in the bible is true,therfore how can i believe in its teachings. I once spent an afternoon sparring with two jehovahs witnesses in my front room (f*ck redundancy makes you do bad things)and when i mentioned dinosaurs they thought for a while and decided that....you wont believe it..... Dinosaurs were put on earth to fertilise the soil!!!!!!!!!!! I slung the poor deluded b*****ds out as i realised that i had more chance of being struck by lightning than i did changing their views
  8. Probably catch more than any of the bullxs ive seen.
  9. Any ideas about breeding lines that i should prefer or avoid as i dont want a jacker,what i need to know is about the failure rate among bull crosses. I wouldnt like to spend a yrar bringing on a pup that was no good. Ive heard tall tales about some that could do foxes at 8 months but im not sure i believe all the keyboard hunters that have a new dog every couple of weeks.
  10. I am thinking about getting a dog and i have seen some nice looking bull crosses but i want a dog that can run as well. What is the failure rate with bull crosses, ive seen a few pull up cos they have run out of wind and ive seen some jack fair and square but as this cross is in fashion at the moment there must be some good ones about. What percentage of this cross turn out any good. This is not an invitation to all bullcross owners to say that there dogs are all world beaters just a question aimed more at people that have seen them work. Ive seen a lot but can count on the fingers of one hand the ones that i would like to own.
  11. When i was a kid in the seventies i remember that some teachers used to beat the crap out of you with a slipper,ruler,cane and in one case a wooden blackboard rubber.Some were just bullies. These teachers still had kids playing up. Some teachers treated kids with a little respect,talking to instead of talking at and these few teachers had a class of quiet, interested kids that found stuff interesting because of the way it was taught. Discipline in kids must start in the home, its the teachers job to teach but its the parents job to instill a few manners and how to behave. Trust me im not a softy that thinks kids are perfect but i am glad teachers cannot hit kids anymore. rant over
  12. who gives a shit. If there is a god then i dont want to meet the c*nt cos i reckon hes got some explaining to do. Only weak and feeble minded morons can honestly believe in god, what sort of god allows nonces to live or allows children to suffer from terminal illness, what sort of god would allow a hunting ban. If i have made a mistake and god is reading this then he can F*CK OFF!!!!!!!
  13. spoken like a real terrorist the taliban control over 95% of afghanistan if thats not winning what is? where did you get the 95% pluck it out you arse!oh and do you actually hunt,or did you join to have your say on this thread? the figure of 95% is from the western media just google it, i joined this forum because i am a hunter and was hunting last night with another member of this forum (hunter1989 and if you dont believe me just ask him) who advised me to join this forum,and i just by chance saw this thread and decided to have my 2 pennies worth. i think i have made my point and wont comment on the subject any further so you bigots can carry on spewing hate from their cess pit brains without being disturbed Go home and suck some curry you stink breath muslim t*at,i think that when the ban is lifted we should hunt out traitors and send them all back.
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