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  1. View Advert Lightforce Striker/lance housing + red filter Lightforce Striker Lightforce Lance housing with red filter Spare coiled wire Both in very good condition Both come with boxes. £100 ONO Advertiser whippeter69 Date 15/12/17 Price £100.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  2. Haven't had time to put this post up earlier in the week and todays my first chance. I work a odd shift pattern, 4 days on and 4 days off which gives me plenty of time to go shooting on my days off, its pretty handy actually. I had arranged on my last four off that me and my mate would go do some serious pest control on a couple of farms that were getting hammered by all sorts of pests. Feral pigeons, foxes, rabbits and canada geese. All which we were more than happy to take out of the equation ! The day started with a pump up of the air arms s400, should i add that we only had a hand
  3. HOLD FIRE, Its not what you think. Yesterday, i was browsing through the forum and found a comment a gentleman had made about how he had only see 1 fox in daylight in 32 years. Well, it was my day off and I had nothing much else to do so after reading this comment I decided to protest the fact that fox's aren't active during the day (never mind I had shot one in clear daylight not 3 days ago). I grabbed the Tikka, applied the mod and grabbed my coat, and camera of course. I wanted photographic evidence for this. ! I was heading for a local sheep farm, not 2 miles from my house. It
  4. I haven't been out foxing for a good month or so, my first taster was yesterday afternoon where we went to see a farmer about a fox problem. This fox had been taking lambs regularly. He would often walk in the fields mid day around the farm with no worry or care about who was about. We arrived at around 4:30 and went for a drive while the farmer sat in the front of the L200. He pointed out where he had seen this fox not two days ago, and highlighted how bold he was as he watched him trot from the field down and disappear into the reeds and hugh bog/forestry. It was the second field, or may
  5. I know Mike. Im not a customer of his though. I go to Lloyd in Lampeter Shooting Supplies and some times down to Llechryd to Teifi Valley Supplies
  6. £19 !!! Thats not bad. Better than my local £25 !
  7. The bullets i buy from my local dealer, ask in yours for some Hornady Superformance in 223 and if they don't have any, then tell them to get some. They are about £25 for 20 but they are good mate. The best factory load iv tried. The set up i use is a Tikka T3 Stainless Synthetic with a 1 in 12 twist rate, Predator 8 Moderator harris bipod and Leupold VX1 3-9-50 Looking to upgrade there scope in the summer to something a bit more powerful but it works well enough having shot a fox a few weeks ago at 350 yards under the lamp.
  8. 53grain V max Hornady Superformance = THE TITS
  9. Mix bag of approx 172 once fired .223 cases Bag contains makes such as PPI/Hornady/Remington All suitable for reloading No cracks or splits £30 Posted
  10. For sale is my bellman and flint collar and box set bought new in december last year and used a handful of times. Everything is in very good condition, works great and is really a great tool to have for the digging. Everything is included Box, Collar, Magnet, Charger, Belt bag for the box. Also 5 fox nets that are in mint condition. Heavy duty 6 foot nets with big pegs . All included I'm asking for £325 POSTED
  11. This sight is still full of dicks then !
  12. Lamping with lamp and rifle by Robert Bucknell Mint condition and signed by the author himself Going Foxing Also mint condition by Robert Bucknell £30.00 each + P&P Also Dig Deep, Throw Well Back by J.Darcy Very good book and full of great stories of digs and rescues of very good dogs. Mint condition £120.00 + P&P
  13. For sale, my 53 plate Vauxhall Combo LPG van 1.6 petrol engine. This van is very clean inside and has been kept in very good nick by the previous owners. 113,000 miles on the clock (Gearbox replaced with 66,000 miles on it @ 112,000 miles, Clutch Kit and right wheel bearing replaced all at 112,000 miles) 1.6 petrol engine TRIDENT roof rack Tow Bar One Key Slight dent one right hand side of vehicle and damaged rear bumper on rear left but nothing serious £1850 ONO Location : Aberaeron, West Wales Picture and info put this number into Fleabay ! 141045
  14. Got a visit from the local FEO and it was a breeze, hes comes into the bar that i work in and has a lot to do with the rugby club i used to play for and it went fine, he said that hes going to try and not get me supervision as he thinks im fine with out it and iv been shooting long enough, and should have my license with me in not longer than 2 weeks !!
  15. literraly i have spent £200 plus on fox calls over the years and the best one i have ever used it my hand and lips. A high pitched squeak is all you need, the advantage of the hop bought ones are the volume of them, but you can get a loud sound with youre hand. Bedsides, a proper way to czll foxes is to call in each field, if nothing shows, move to the next one. Call foxes from a long way off and they will hunt you !
  16. Thanks guyes. Lost my shooting interest in the last 6 months but now after changing my attitude and getting my arse into gear im back foxing with the dogs and rifle. Cheers guys. Il let you know how it goes !!
  17. Can i not protest this ? AS they have deemed me safe enough to go out with a .17hmr on my won but if they were to apply mentoring to a .223 this would stupid as they have already deemed me safe with a rifle, the fact that its a bigger caliber is regardless of the safety precautions one just take, its the same with all rifle calibers.
  18. I started with a .22lr that had mentoring on but taken off after 6 months, then after another 6 months changed to a .17hmr now 7 months down the line changing to .223, mentoring ?
  19. I have traded my .17HMR in for a .223 and mod. My question is will i have to have another interview and go through all that again to be granted a .223 or will they just get on with it, change my license and send it back to me in short time? Thanks
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