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  1. Thankyou yes thats what I mean lure coursing..... give me a break I new to this lol Where do you lure course in the UK?
  2. No, she's still got both lungs but has had a lobe removed. I think dogs have 3 lobes in each lung, so one of her lungs is a third down. Yes, she still has great stamina. Spring
  3. We had this problem when our young Deerhound ran into a tree. As well as other injuries she punctured both lungs. One was quite minor and healed by its self, the other was so mashed up that she had to have a lobe removed. Took about 2 months to heal. Looking at her now you would never know. We built her fitness up slowly now she has speed and stamina just as she should. First picture Feb 2013 a week after the accident. Second picture Feb 2014 a year after. ATB Spring http://scottish-deerhound.com/media/kunena/attachments/288/poorlyalice007.jpg http://scottish-deerhound.com/med
  4. Spring

    Rspca Visit

    Thanks for all the advice. Didn't let them into the property and was just polite. Will get onto the SHG as the wife, although reading all the replies, is still worried sick.
  5. Spring

    Rspca Visit

    Yep have been, wouldn't let him in the garden, did all the talking outside. Thanks so far for the help and advice.
  6. Spring

    Rspca Visit

    I think the owner reported us ( I also think the owner is the witness although the officer didn't say)
  7. Hi guys Wounded if you could give me any help/advice. Had a visit from the above this afternoon, this is the story. Yesterday my wife was coming back from a walk with the dog. Went into the front garden and took his lead off at which point he charged at a cat at the back of the garden. My wife very quickly called him off, which he did, this cat then had a go at the dog. My wife was trying to shoo the cat away from the garden. It took a few minutes but eventually the cat went and she thought that was that. Today an RSPCA officer arrives with a complaint, apparently the cat now has a bad l
  8. Back to the topic, I don't work my deerhounds but would love to especially my young bitch (not a giant show dog!) Anyone in/near Hertfordshire who could help me out?
  9. the KC dont breed the dogs or set the breed standards, the breed clubs submit the standards that they want to see in their chosen breed.the KC are a registry of pedigree dogs that have been bred they have a Gazette that records what litters have been born to which bitch by which sire and how many pups were in the litter,sex and what colour the pups are. Shows are run under KC guidance all year round not just Crufts and to take part the dogs have to be registered with the KC. So how does that "feck a lot of good breeds" The NCC still keeps "the Greyhound Studbook" for all greyhounds that are
  10. Shelia is an Australian import (hence the silly name!) from Jocobite x Glassonby lines. Alice is Shelia's daughter X Kwaricott. All the lines are very good running dogs. We do show, not much success but Shelia is a Dutch Champ. I much prefer running my dogs anyway
  11. Did promise some pictures ages ago. Alice Shelia
  12. Got one that looks like this and can do the job, will try to put up a picture
  13. All mine will chase the lure but they do treat it as a bit of fun especially the bitches. It is very different if they are chasing a bunny A bit of vid in slo mo of 2 of mine having some fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ytd-9U4dthA Spring
  14. Both of ours at Castle Campbell and on the beach last summer
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