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  1. Don't suppose you can remember the seller or search critera can you mate? All I can find Is one seller that wants to sell In lots of 5 and plenty of electric toy fish that resemble Nemo!

  2. Fishing from power cables, SHIT! Be a hell of a stink If something went wrong! Get some pics when your there next. Them ones for a hundred quid, they any good?

  3. Ah, the Canadian. Luck Is something I never seem to have much of but things could always be alot worse! You sound like you've got It made though mate. Hope your gonna get back online whenever you can and post up about some hunting over there?

  4. Just seen It mate

  5. Once violated a meercat with his penis...

  6. There's a she wolf In his closet..


  7. Profile perving lol

  8. Tall dark and handsome... Was that before or after the frying pan lol.

  9. That about me bit made me LOL!

  10. crazy indeed but like MC said, in a good way lol.

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