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    xbox 360

    not really up to date on this one . but when i bought my xbox 360 i bought the halo special edition one the green one with orange tray n green controller ect ect . im going to sell it as i need the cash . i was just wondering because they are special edition will i get anymore money for it ??? what should i be expecting price wise any information is appreciated
  2. smarty


    i got a pair of steel toe cap wellies what they give out on site . like safety boots but wellies . once i broke them in they were as comfy as any wellies . very heavy tho
  3. i was just wonderin because i thought they needed thier injections or thier immune system didnt function properly . like i thought any dog no of age could die from pavro distemper ect. if they havent had thier vaccs
  4. a few people i know have never had thier dogs vaccinated is it neccessary to vaccinate the dogs ??? i always thought this was a must with new pups or dogs at all for that matter someone told me if they are kept inside until they are 12 weeks old they will b fine ???
  5. electric cigarette for sale . really good comes with about a months supply of cartidges charger box ect .plugs into mains. 40 pounds posted o.n.o any questions pm me cheers
  6. sounds like me n the dogue would get along perfect !!!!!! :11:
  7. rember staffs have always been known as the nanny dog their bond with people and children is a trait that is beyound question as far as i see it cheers mate
  8. just a quick question a stab in the dark really wondering if anybody on here has ever owned one ?? intrested to know how you got along training the dog ect ?? and really need to know about the temperament of the dog and how it behaved around children ect thanks
  9. ive 2 little uns at home well there 7 n 9 . i hear there brilliant with children but never heard of working staffs and children could they have the same relationship ??
  10. im not sure it mite go up with the amound of input you put on the site or how long you have been on the site one of the mods will know if ya ask em
  11. cheers for clearing that up for me maltenby
  12. is this the normal price that vizslas go for with no papers as the pups ive seen have been around the 600 mark ?? not a dig at the sale just curious
  13. sorry if its already bin mentioned earlier but what were the wolfhounds bred for ?? surely they could take one ?? or are they called wolfhound due to appearence or something else
  14. it was in another lifetime one of toil and blood when blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud i came in from the wilderness a creature void of form come in she sed ill give ya shelter from the storm
  15. well what about a 3/4 beddy 1/4 whippet then anyone ??
  16. just when i thought i knew all the nobheads another one appears yea your borin me , half a pint
  17. ok so does any 1 use 3/4 beddy 1/4 grey or whippet ?? if so could you tell me about them and pics would be fantastic
  18. cheers lads what about a 3/4 beddy 1/4 whippet any good ?? the problem is mum wont let me keep a lurcher she dosent like them so im tryin 2 pull the wool over her eyes with a curly coated 3/4 beddy 1/4 whippet any good ?? and is this cross ever born with the curly coated bedlington look ??
  19. any one got any pictures of bedlingtons which have made a fairly big size ??? say 18 19 inch ??
  20. that takes the word all rounder to an all new level !!! heard a few stories bout pure beddys lamping surely some one on here has done it
  21. cheers for the reply mate appreciated i take it it was quite leggy then ??
  22. just curious as my mate knows someone who has a litter of bedlingtons and he told me the dog will lamp rabbits and even take the odd day time rabbit but he has a tendency to stretch the truth so i thought id ask on here
  23. is the pure bred bedlington any good for lamping and day time coursing ?? thanks
  24. bloke did the right thing in my eyes all you die hard silencers you make me laugh i would dare say you would all grass for something given half a chance looking out for the dogs fairplay to the lad you all whinge and moan about animal cruelty and how much your dogs are worth to you yet you abuse someone for looking out for dogs that arent even his ????
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