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    Hunting in general most aspects of it. Game shooting, Vermin control, ferreting, lurcher work, terrier work, fishing and more
  1. hi i dont now who michal siddle lent my lamp to when i was up there last xmas or the 1 befor . can you try and get it back for me off michal or his cousin thanks mate kile

  2. bagforthebadgers

    Buck and Stag

    Good result there mate and a nice read too! It's good when a plan comes together! Cheers BFTB
  3. bagforthebadgers

    sika stag

    Well said John! I was laughing reading down this post!!
  4. bagforthebadgers

    DSC 1+2

    I have 1 and am also working towards 2, in the near future. Cheers
  5. bagforthebadgers

    best field chest saw

    Sagen Bone saw (the orange one is perfect for the sawing of the chest and pelvic bone. £20.00 from www.bushwear.co.uk Hope this helps Regards, BFTB
  6. Maybe the original poster is in the western part of England. Where it gets lighter, later. Could be, thats why I said it might be me.....
  7. Same here, must agree with John on this one. And, it might just be me, but I'm pretty damn sure its lighter than that at 5-6am easily............. not trying to get at anything else there but, up here it's light by then. BFTB
  8. bagforthebadgers

    Stalking knife

    Why spend that when theres perfectly good knives available at a much cheaper price! Check these knives out - Kuhn Rikon colori knife. This knife is around £5!! Blade stays sharp, it comes in different colours, orange is the best as it is the most visible if dropped! Even if you do manage to lose it, £5 not too much of a loss! Check it out. Cheers, BFTB
  9. bagforthebadgers

    DSC 1 & 2

    Hmmm unforetunately not in the services mate!! Would of been handy though. Hows things your way I'm back to uni on sunday, but have been shooting all hols. Cheers, Jonny
  10. bagforthebadgers

    DSC 1 & 2

    Hi there, I was just wondering if there is a grant which pays for the DSC 1 & 2, if it is manditory towards the area of work you do. I have heard you can but was just wanting a solid answer for whether you can or cannot get them. As it is in the job area I aim to be in it would be the sensible idea of getting the grant to do it. Cheers, Jonny
  11. bagforthebadgers

    First ever stalk

    you went to newton rigg! Atleast you have the bug now theres no getting rid of it.
  12. bagforthebadgers

    Nice buck

    Nice buck there. Doesn't look like a medal from the pic, but it does look weighty! The heads are different to the bucks round my way, the tines are right up at the top, whereas here its more evenly spread if you can call it that. That second head in the picture is a nice one though.
  13. bagforthebadgers

    couple of pics

    This is one bloody deep hole he's digging!!!
  14. bagforthebadgers

    just a little excited

    Thats one nice head John!! Pleases for you After all you do a lot of work for all your clients. Cheers
  15. bagforthebadgers


    Job well done, We get the fox for the guy and we don't have anyone wanting pups from either of the pups Job well done!