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  1. Hiya mate. You sorted? Might have something of interest to you and i'm not a million miles away. Atb, Mac
  2. Totally agree with above however I just love the .50 because its BIG . I reload for my dads WW11 Boys anti tank rifle, rebarrelled in .50 using Milsurp cases (be careful depriming) and pulled milsurp 690gr fmj's. I use 223gr of lovex d100. Not sure how I'd fare in the long range accuracy stakes, probably crap but ive got my reloads down to about £1.40 a pop (or BANG if you like). Good or bad, I dont really care, we just have great fun with it .
  3. Just wanted to add my thanks to you for a very interesting post. I was hung on your every word and written in a way that even I could understand .
  4. Hi, I have a CZ452 16" varmint. Because I swap moderators now and again I use a Ruger 1022 .920 muzzle break as a thread protector. Looks damn silly on my gun however its only on to protect the thread. Now as I understand it (and I may be wrong) but I believe the new CZ455 HB has a .866 diameter barrel. So if my maths isnt totally off, I reckon that would leave an overhang of .69 mm (quick change to metric there). Which is maybe barely noticable. The brake was was bought off that well known auction site, from an American gent for £25 or so (by previous owner of my 1022). Just a tho
  5. If there is a period between moving into your new house, installing you cabinet and wiating for your FEO to visit, would you have to lodge your firearms with an RFD prior to your cabinet getting approval?
  6. Thanks for the further recommendations. I was very tempted by the 60gr Nosler Ballistic tip but i'd have to wait 2-3 weeks for them so I ordered a box of 60gr v-max yesterday, my trouble is, is that I enjoy the load development just as much as the end use. I'd better warn my wallet .
  7. My RFD wants £25 for a box of 60gr v-max. (£24 for 55gr). Is that normal? Also, what Nosler bullets have you had experience with?
  8. Interested in you mentioning a-max. I'd discounted them as a posibility as I thought they were match bullets, I know they've got a polymer tip but do they have expanding capability? Thanks again guys, for all the tips. A good cross section of experiences to base an informed decision. Chuffed I signed on now .
  9. Heard you met up with my mate and sealed a deal. Glad it worked out for you mate
  10. Thanks Mark, appreciate your input. Im off to my RFD tomorrow to order a box of 60gr v-max. Atb, Mac
  11. Thanks for the prompt advice fellas. I guess I need to try soft points and ballistics tips to find what my rifle likes (should have figured that one out myself ). Good to know both are just as effective. My RFD carries a very limited selection, none of which are suitable for me so I have to order, which is why I thought of asking first. Thanks again guys.
  12. Hi, new on this site and to foxing. Ive been shooting many years, rabbits and paper. I own rifles from 22lr to 8mm Mauser. When i was asked to take care of a fox problem, I decided to request permission to use my Remington 700 police (.223, 20" heavy barrel, 1 in 9 twist), I load my own ammo and would be grateful to know from people experienced, whats the more effective bullet at 200 yards max, soft point or ballistic tipped. Because of the short fast barrel, ive had excellent results with 69gr hpbt on paper but my bullet weight choice seems more limited for hunting bullets (60gr vmax or 6
  13. Hi, Im with BASC. More expensive than my last inurance co. but I found the advice available to members is excellent, much better than relying on my FEO for information. Plus I like to think that im contributing to an organisation that promotes and protects shooting sports. As mentioned before though, each to his own.
  14. Thanks mate, awsome profile pic by the way
  15. Thanks for the welcome guys, look forward to spending time on here and hopefully learning something and who knows, maybe my humble experiances may be of use to someone on here.
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