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  1. Hello mate

    Long time since I've been on!!..just glad to see you are still at em!!

  2. What I;m currently using..... Regards... Coney.
  3. Coney

    Last night

    Great shooting buster....ATB
  4. Just gone 38..started my outdoor activities at the age of 9 with a fly rod in my hand, closely followed by an air-rifle and always with some shaggy dog at my side....never lost interest with the great outdoors even when I left school. Couldn't stand the thought of having to work inside so I become a bricky, just can't get enought fresh air. Sadly now because life & jobs change I just don't get the time to get out and about as much as I used to but hoping to put things right!...trying to get my two sons interested in fishing & shooting etc but I'm afraid that Playstations, WII's and
  5. Got to be real careful there pal...try and find out through the usual channels...local authority etc, cause if you don't and the land does belong to someone or there is a public right of way you may be on a sticky wicket......after all if you are on land of this nature with gun in hand and the cozzers catch you it can be classed as armed trespass!!...then you are in a world of shite....be careful pal... Regards Coney
  6. Coney

    big rat

    now - that baby is one good sized rat - living near a skip 'transfer' station ive seen a good few - even to the point of '6 yard' headshots in the kitchen this year - the feckers were eating my fruit bowl - must remember to take pics next time lol!! happy ratting chris Some real beauties there....top shooting.
  7. its an AA410k 'custom shop' the only difference is the black cocking bolt and extra polished action.oh yeah and it has custom shop written on it in nice,fancy writing. mechanically its exactly the same as any other AA410k. Ok Duck , i just did`nt understand , cheers . You still shoot with Coney ? Aint seen either of you on here for ages Mine AA S400 , also useBSA Ultra Still here!! Had a long lay off...been to involved with work...sad I know but in todays current climate graft has to come first, but hoping to blow the cobwebs of the HW100 and get some
  8. Might as well sell it so a proper lad will get some real use out of it!!!.......shit shot anyway you tart!!! Lots of love Coneyxxxxxx
  9. Worth thinking about Bob......nice one.
  10. PM "Goldenarms" on here he will keep you right as he's had a similar problem with his s400.... Good luck. Coney.
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